Who We Are | About Soothe

John Ellis, CEO

Founded in 2013, Soothe has quickly become the largest and most popular mobile wellness provider in the world. Started as a way to make getting a massage more convenient, Soothe has evolved into a highly-respected, tech-driven company with a mission to bring wellness to the world.

Soothe helps people by matching clients with the best wellness and personal care services professionals who meet their personalized needs. Currently available in over 70 major cities across the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia, the Soothe partners with over 10,000+ independent, licensed and certified wellness providers and salon professionals.

Why mobile wellness?

Fitting self-care into a busy schedule is stressful, but it shouldn’t be. Forget about squeezing a session into inconvenient retail hours, battling traffic, and going in circles looking for parking. Soothe takes the stress out of incorporating wellness into your routine by bringing service professionals to you, on your schedule. We believe in helping you look and feel your best, all from the safety and comfort of your own home or office.

Obsession with safety

Safety is a top priority at Soothe, both for our clients and providers using our platform. All providers are fully insured, rigorously vetted, and constantly monitored to ensure expert techniques and the highest standards of professionalism. Soothe takes safety and cleanliness one step further than the competition with its proprietary Soothe Safe™ training program, created by our award-winning Trust & Safety team. Every professional on the Soothe platform is required to follow the guidelines outlined in the Soothe Safe training program prior to accepting clients.

Good for you and your business

Soothe also helps some of the world's largest companies prioritize employee wellness as a part of their corporate benefits programs. Soothe at Work has partnered with the likes of Twitter, WeWork, Slack, Airbnb, Salesforce, and even sports teams like the Orlando Magic, NY Knicks, Florida Panthers, and the San Jose Sharks, to give employees access to massage and wellness services.

Whether you’re an individual looking to be at your best, head of people at your company, or a wellness provider looking to build your business, Soothe is here to help make your life easier – wherever you live, work, or play.