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How to Have a Spa-Quality Massage at Home
Getting ready for a Soothe massage? There are many advantages to in-home massage that a spa just can’t offer: the convenience of requesting a massage on your own schedule, no need to battle traffic or find parking, and no more worrying about being late to your appointment. What better way to relax than in your own home! But just because your house isn’t a spa, doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like a luxurious experience! Here’s how to set up your home and transform it into your own personal oasis.


Before your Soothe certified therapist arrives, find the area of your home that you’d like to reserve for your massage. Regardless of whether you live in a large home or one bedroom apartment, our certified massage therapists can perform your massage with just six feet of space. Have a pet? No problem! We suggest putting them in another room during the course of your massage. When selecting your massage spot, you’ll want to be able to relax as deeply as possible. Choose a space that will be quiet, so your session won’t be interrupted, and if you prefer a darker room, make sure you can adjust the blinds.


As you prepare for your massage, breath deeply and try and center yourself, letting any stress or negative thoughts wash off you. Take a warm shower or bath before your therapist arrives and ready your body for the massage. We suggest wearing something comfortable, like a Soothe Swiss Robe, so you can fully relax while you wait.


You can set the scene for your Soothe massage by dimming lights, closing curtains or blinds, and lighting candles. The soft, natural light that candles give off can instantly relax you. You might even consider using an aromatherapy diffuser or asking your Soothe therapist to use any essential oils that you have on hand. We suggest calming camomile and lavender.


Be prepared to put your phone on silent or sleep mode during a massage. Electronic devices give off a blue light that can inhibit relaxation and distract you from the main purpose of a massage—to unwind!


Playing relaxing music can take your massage to the next level. Each Soothe therapist will bring along a device and speakers to play relaxing music throughout your massage. If you have a specific music request, you can let your therapist know ahead of time via the Soothe app.


All Soothe certified massage therapists come equipped with lotions and oils to help you get the most out of your massage experience. If you have a lotion or oil that you would prefer, feel free to let your therapist know.