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Soothe Safe

As you know, safety has always been one of Soothe’s core values. With the recent, tragic effects that the Coronavirus has had on our society, we knew that we had to go above and beyond the massage industry’s existing safety standards to ensure the trust and safety of everyone using our platform. We worked with a team of experts to determine the best course forward, utilizing information and data from the CDC, and are excited to introduce Soothe Safe™, our comprehensive program to protect the most important part of Soothe — YOU.

Soothe Safe involves a 10-point checklist of items we are asking of our community to ensure that everyone is safe and secure when booking through Soothe. Here are the key points:

In preparation for re-opening, we ask that you please watch this short overview of Soothe Safe so that you may begin accepting appointment offers again. In this video, you will learn about:

  1. Updated safety guidelines for communicating with clients
  2. Our new Soothe Safe acknowledgment for clients and therapists that must be accepted before each appointment to confirm clients and therapists are asymptomatic
  3. Overview of sanitation techniques and approved cleaning products to prevent Coronavirus transmission
  4. A reminder of Trust & Safety policies and your right to leave an appointment if you feel unsafe
  5. …and more


We will begin to open select markets on May 7th in cities where the local government has given sufficient instructions to do so. We ask that you be patient, as this rollout will take time and presently not all markets have a clearly defined reopening. If your market is opening, we will send you a separate email with details shortly. We will also re-open limited phone support in the coming days. Please reserve contacting customer support over the phone ONLY if you have appointment specific questions. All other inquiries should be directed to