Trust & Safety

In-home wellness, delivered with peace of mind

Soothe is designed to keep our clients & providers safe

Community Guidelines

Let’s be the kind of people that treat each other the way we want to be treated…

When you open the door to your location, it’s like opening a door to a new possible relationship of wellness and health. Think of what that stranger may be to you in your future? Will they be your therapist/client for your wellness journey? Every new session is a new opportunity to learn or teach each other. We agree to always treat each other with respect and kindness. As if we will have a business relationship or maybe just have this one session together. Regardless of the time, remember to be courteous to one another as we are both in a vulnerable space.

We strive for continual improvement for safety features. Rules for all Wellness and Beauty sessions. We are always focused on how we may safely share a space together and protect each other. We will always be here to keep you safe.

Commit to health safety

Before booking a wellness session with Soothe, you must agree you’re symptom-free, and will follow CDC guidance related to COVID-19, including wearing face mask that covers your mouth and nose (as required by federal order) Although some of us have been vaccinated, if the client or your assigned professional are not comfortable being around each other without proper protection please be courteous to one another. All states may have different rules and we must follow them.

Wearing a mask during sessions

Please follow your state and local guidelines. If you both choose to not wear a mask, that is upon you both to make that choice. However please keep in mind that some states are still requiring you to wear them. If we receive feedback that you are not following CDC regulations in your area we may require that you do.


At this moment we are not requesting that wellness professionals nor clients have to be vaccinated. It is your responsibility to ensure we are all safe. Please keep in mind that if you are requesting someone to be vaccinated before coming to your home the possibility of not having a session filled may occur and vice versa. Please be kind with one another and remember we do not have to share each other's medical history due to HIPPA law.