Trust & Safety

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Soothe is designed to keep our clients & providers safe

Payment Safety

With Soothe, you’re connected to a behind-the-scenes team that is dedicated to providing you with a safe and relaxing experience from beginning to end. That’s why we always ask that all transactions, including booking, payment, and tipping, are done through the Soothe App. This secure platform helps our team ensure that your safety and information are always protected. Follow the below tips to avoid fraudulent practices and keep your information secure.

What should I do if someone ask me to pay outside the Soothe App?

You should never be asked to wire money, provide credit card information, or otherwise pay a Provider directly. If you are, there are easy ways to report it to us to ensure your information, finances, and identity are protected.

Reporting requests for payment outside of Soothe

If a Soothe client or Provider asks you to pay off-site or through another company, report it to us in one of the following ways:

*Call us at 1-833-276-6843

*Email us at

You will never receive an invoice from Soothe, in the form of paper, PDF or otherwise. If someone attempts to complete a transaction through any of these methods, please report it immediately: Western Union, MoneyGram, Liberty Reserve, cashier’s check, money order, cash transaction

Underpayment scam

If someone offers to pay or receive less than the given price for a Soothe service, it is no longer possible for Soothe to guarantee secure payment as it is no longer considered a Soothe appointment.

Tipping scam

If someone offers to receive a tip in the form of cash, this can be considered a form of tax fraud as it cannot be reported to the IRS. Soothe conveniently offers tipping directly through the app so that both parties can receive a receipt of their tip payment. Providers receive 100% of the tip amount, and it does not reduce their payout.

Appointment extension scam

For massages, it is important to clearly communicate the duration of the massage prior to the session. If no extension is communicated or indicated in the app, neither party is held accountable for the extended time.

Advancement scam

If someone offers to pay or receive payment for future services outside of the Soothe App, Soothe can no longer guarantee fulfillment of those appointments. You can buy Soothe packages directly through the app and easily rebook with the same Provider.