Trust & Safety

In-home wellness, delivered with peace of mind

Soothe is designed to keep our clients & providers safe

Provider Safety

At the heart of the Soothe experience is a network of more than 15,000 highly skilled and dedicated Providers around the world. We appreciate you sharing your passion for wellness, and we’ve worked hard to build a platform that makes your safety our top priority. Follow the below guidelines to ensure your safety with Soothe.

Perform a thorough intake

Review the expectations for the service beforehand by confirming the details of the service. For massage therapists, this includes confirming the massage type, duration, and areas that require extra attention or should be avoided as noted by the client.

Stop when necessary

If you feel uncomfortable prior to the appointment or wish to discontinue at any time, you may always refuse to enter the client’s home or discontinue the service midway through. You will never be negatively impacted for leaving a Soothe appointment that you feel is unsafe. In an emergency, get out, leave your equipment, and contact Soothe as soon as you are safe. We will replace or reimburse you for abandoned equipment we are not able to recover for you.

Use our secure client communication

Avoid giving out your contact information, or communicating with clients outside the Soothe app. When you contact your client through the app, Soothe protects your contact information by acting as a bridge between you and the client.

Accept secure payments through Soothe

Only transfer funds through Soothe to ensure a receipt and verified payment process. We keep your transactions secure from start to finish using 256-bit encryption and best-in-class security tools.

Contact us, anytime

Soothe is the only on-demand massage service that provides support for Providers 365 days a year via in-app communication, phone, text and email.

Report unsatisfactory experiences

If a Soothe appointment makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, contact Provider Success. We continuously review reports and suspend suspicious clients in an effort to prevent future instances from taking place.

Be the best kind of Soothe Provider

The Soothe community relies on both Providers and clients to ensure health, safety, and well-being for everyone. That’s why we have established Community Guidelines to outline what we expect from every member of our wellness community.