Introducing Our Soothe Plus Yearly Membership

At Soothe, we’re fans of setting goals and intentions at the beginning of the new year. One of our goals in 2019 is to make massage therapy accessible to as many people as possible. To do that, we’re introducing Soothe Plus Yearly, a massage membership that gives you 25% off twelve massages and all additional massages. We still have our Soothe Plus Monthly membership (20% off a monthly massage), but we wanted to add an option that gives you an even bigger discount when you commit to your long-term wellness.

Experience the physical and mental benefits of regular massage therapy, without lightening your wallet. Now, that’s the way to start the year off right!

What is Soothe Plus?

  • Soothe Plus Yearly: Is self-care a top priority for you? You’ll get 25% off twelve massages, plus any additional massages, when you pay for the year upfront. 
  • Soothe Plus Monthly: Value your wellness, but need a little more wiggle room? You’ll get 20% off a massage each month (billed monthly), plus any additional massages. 
  • Credits that roll over: Have an unpredictable, ever-changing schedule? We get it. Your Soothe Plus credits roll over and never expire, so you can enjoy your massage anytime, anywhere, and at your convenience. 
  • Cancel anytime: Afraid of commitment? Commit to your wellness, not to us. Our Soothe Plus membership allows you to cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Prices in Los Angeles, CA*

*Prices rounded up and vary based on location, please visit for more details.

Why join Soothe Plus?

Most people know the feeling of post-massage bliss, but only get to experience it once in a blue moon. We created our Soothe Plus membership with this in mind, making it possible for you to prioritize your wellness on a continual basis. And for those of you who are already regular clients, we wanted to reward you for your loyalty. Now, you can feel the benefits of massage at least once a month with no cost to sign up, our risk-free cancellation policy, and 20-25% off every massage.

At Soothe, our mission is to help anyone relax, anytime and anywhere. We’re delighted to make this product available to all of our loyal clients.
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