Self-care made simple with SoothePass®

Make massage, skincare, and beauty services your regular routine while saving money and time with a SoothePass® membership

What is SoothePass®?

SoothePass® is a monthly membership program that lets you enjoy your choice of self-care services each month at discounted member rates. When life gets busy, SoothePass® makes it easy to maintain a regular self-care routine that fits your needs while saving you money.

Membership benefits

Big Savings

Save up to 30% versus non-member prices

Service Flexibility

Choose from massage, skincare, or beauty services that fit your needs*

*Services vary by market

Monthly Routine

Regular self-care helps you physically, but also mentally and emotionally

*Services vary by market


How does SoothePass® work?

SoothePass® members pay a monthly fee in exchange for SoothePoints. The number of SoothePoints received is based on the membership plan selected, of which there are three (Relax, Restore, and Rejuvenate). Members redeem SoothePoints for on-demand services based on the points required for individual services in each market.

Which services are part of SoothePass®?

SoothePoints can be redeemed for all services and enhancements – massages, facials, hair and beauty services – in every market where service is available.

Do my points expire?

SoothePoints never expire, however, you must have an active membership in order to use your points. If you choose to cancel your membership, your points will remain on your account indefinitely. You will then be able to redeem them when you resubscribe to SoothePass®.

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