Entering Your Promo Code 

If you have a promo code and would like to use it towards your next massage service, follow the steps below to apply it to your account:

Entering Promo Code Using The App:

1. Be sure to enter promo code before booking your Soothe massage
2. Navigate to the upper left corner dropdown menu 
3. Select “Enter Promo Code”  (See Photo 1) 
4. Enter code in designated box
5. Submit
6. You’ll see a pop-up screen that says “Promo Added” or “$$ credits applied” (See Photos 2 and 3)
7. Though you’ve entered a promo code, the upper left hand side of your screen may not reflect the credit value you’ve entered. Some Soothe promo codes reflect as a discount on the last screen of your booking process instead of as an initial credit. (See Photo 4)
6. Proceed with booking
7. You will see the promo discount applied before selecting “Confirm Appointment.” (See Photo 5)
8. Select confirm 

Entering Promo Code Online:

1. Visit website to begin booking
2. Select day, time, and continue 
3. Choose your massage customization preferences and continue
4. Click on the address you’d like to use or enter a new one
5. On the “Choose Payment” page, navigate to the right side of your screen and select “Enter Gift Or Promo Code”
6. Enter promo code in designated box and click apply. You will see the credit discount reflected on the left hand side of your screen. (See Photo 6)
7. Select “Book My Massage”

Entering a promo using the Soothe app or at soothe.com is simple! Your code will only be redeemed once you confirm your appointment. A hold for the remaining price of the massage will be placed on the credit card used for booking. Don’t worry, this card will not be charged until your massage has been completed. In the event that you do already have a credit offering of greater value attributed to your account, the lesser credit application may not apply. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-833-276-6843!