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Stay safe with 24/7 phone support, and GPS check-in & out at every appointment.

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Maintain flexibility by updating your schedule, and working when and where you want.

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Stay connected with our 24/7 call center, articles, industry discounts, and peer mentorship.

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Soothe clients can request a variety of modalities. You have the freedom to make the experience your own.

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After taking a variety of appointments consistently, I started getting more offers that were much closer to my home. I also made myself available at nights and on weekends when it is busiest to ensure I had plenty of options to choose from. Now the appointments I want are regularly being offered to me - it pays to be active immediately!

-Eric M, Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Soothe is a referral platform that helps to connect quality clientele with highly trained wellness professionals. Our platform allows clients to make a request through our app, selecting the date, time , duration, modality, therapist gender, and location. From there our requests are sent out to our therapist network in small batches. Our algorithm prioritizes therapists who are the closest with the highest rating to receive that offer/request first. Once received the therapist has the opportunity to accept or reject the offer based on the appointment details provided.

Driver’s License, State ID, or US Passport

Social Security Number

Certified Massage Therapist License or Certificate

Proof of Professional Liability Insurance

Mobile massage kit

Including: massage table, bolster, face cradle, sheets, blanket, music, speaker, lotion/cream/gel + any additional -- Theragun percussive device, CBD lotion, table warmer, aroma therapy, hot stones, hot towels, etc

Soothe screens all clients through third party software to confirm they are who they say they are. You see request details for every appointment including, clients name, address, request type, duration, and additional details like parking instruction and stairs. We have a state of the art check-in/check-out feature that helps to ensure you are safe on every appointment you take. And we end each session with a dual rating to ensure both clients and therapists are held to the highest possible standard. For any issues you may encounter we have a 24/7 call and email support team that includes a specialized Trust & Safety team.

Here at Soothe, we prioritize your safety and the safety of our clients on the Network. For this reason, our application process is quite extensive. But don’t worry! Our 10-step process is fast and easy to complete.

Step 1: Learn what to expect from our process

Step 2: Verify your Credentials

Step 3: Learn more about the Soothe Platform & our Safety Protocols

Step 4: Complete a Survey about your goals

Step 5: Submit proof of your mobile set-up

Step 6: Submit a video interview

Step 7: Complete a Criminal Background Check

Step 8: Phone Interview

Step 9: Final Video Call

Step 10: Start taking appointments that same day!

Therapists take home roughly 60% of the total appointment cost. We process your payments immediately and they will be direct deposited into your bank account within 24-72 hours. After each appointment clients are prompted to rate & tip their therapist. Tips are added on top of the session payout and are received in a similar timeframe.

If you are a confident professional looking for a new way to grow your business and take control of your schedule Soothe will be a great fit for you.

Soothe for Therapists
Soothe for Therapists
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