Become a Soothe therapist, all you need is certification, your own 
massage table and reliable transportation.

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Therapist Success Stories

  • "As a new massage graduate I've grown tremendously in my ability to assess various clients' needs and customize a massage that is just right for each of them. It lets me help more people than I ever expected."

    Mando C.

  • "I haven't had to worry about staying busy since I've joined Soothe. Now there's a team of people working hard to get me clients. I'm thankful that I found them."

    Clarissa J.

  • "I’m so proud and I’m so privileged to work with Soothe. With Soothe I found freedom, convenience, and a way to pursue my career as a massage therapist. I love what I do and Soothe has made it even more fun than ever."

    Isela R