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Say Hello to the New Soothe Provider App

The Soothe Team has been hard at work implementing new features designed to make running your business easier than ever. We’ve redesigned service area preferences, updated our app navigation, and made it simpler to find the information you really need to provide great service for every client you book.

Easier App Navigation

Our new account menu is built to provide shortcuts into the areas of the app you don’t always use, but want easy access to when you need them. You’ll now be able to access your 1099, Stripe Payout, Profile Picture, Bio, and location bundles from the Account page. This is also where you’ll be able to email and chat with our support team, access the help center, and discover tutorials to help you get the most out of the provider app. The pages you use most frequently in your day to day are still conveniently available from the main menu on the left hand side of the screen.

We’ve broken the new account menu out into easy-to-understand sections to help you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Manage Profile – Here, you’ll be able to update your profile image and bio
  • Offer Settings – Set your general availability, design location bundles, and choose your preferred service categories to ensure you see the offers that are most relevant to you first.
  • Settings – This is where you’ll be able to manage most of the business-related aspects of your business. You can pause offers, update your mailing address, manage stripe payouts, track therapist agreement forms, update your transportation method, get verified, and view your 1099 tax forms.
  • Support – Get help, as soon as you need it. In addition to chatting or emailing directly with our support staff, you’ll be able to easily tap into resources like the help center or our tutorials page.
  • Legal – Here, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, should you ever need them.
  • Logout – We all need a break, sometimes. Just don’t forget to log back in!

Map It Out

With our new Service Area mapping feature, you’ll be able to set exact boundaries for your service locations, just by drawing it on a map. All you have to do is go to Offers > Offer Preferences > Service Areas and then draw your preferred service area boundaries directly in the map.

When you’re ready to set a location, you can navigate the map with three simple controls:

  • Pinch to zoom in and out
  • Use two fingers to drag the map
  • Draw with one finger to set the boundaries of your desired location

You can set multiple service locations in order to see offers that best match your needs and your schedule. You can also group these locations together into Location Bundles, making it easy to be as broad or as specific with offer preferences as you want.

Brand New Offers “For You”

We want to make it easy to find important offer information, first. That’s why we’ve created a brand new For You section. Here, you’ll be able to find the most relevant offers to you and your business, based on the criteria you selected in Offer Preferences. Offers that are less relevant to your preferences can still be found under Other Offers.

Know Before You Book

We want to empower you to build a business that meets your needs so that you can better meet the needs of your clients. That’s why Offers will now let you see more information before you accept the work. Key information featured in the offers will now include:

  • A map of the location
  • Optimal driving route
  • The client’s full address
  • The client’s profile picture
  • Parking details
  • If the client has pets
  • If the client has stairs

Upcoming Appointments

We’ve updated the Upcoming Appointments page to include larger cards designed to highlight the most relevant information you need to prep for your day. Plus, the cards feature shortcuts that allow you to change an appointment status from “On my way” to “Check in” to “Check out” with just a tap. You’ll also be able to view past appointments from this screen, allowing you to better track where you’ve been and where you’re going.

In order to make this tool as useful as possible, we’ve designed a few new icons to help you find information quickly and easily. Look for icons to indicate the type of building, available parking, accessibility considerations, and any pets you may need to be aware of before entering.

The Soothe team works hard to build features that help connect Providers to clients looking to book top-tier spa services. The team is excited to share all these new updates and enhancements with all of you. Check out all these new changes available now on Android and iOS.