Announcing Soothe and City of Hope Partnership to Give Free Massages to Those Who Need it Most

chair massage

Battling cancer is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. This disease is difficult not only for patients but it can put a lot of extra stress on their family and friends; and there are few places in the world that offer better treatment and care than the City of Hope Medical Center in Southern California, a world-renowned independent research and treatment center for cancer and diabetes. Today, we are humbled to announce a partnership with the Center to provide free chair massages to City of Hope patients, caregivers, doctors, and nurses. Our partnership is twofold:

  • Our licensed and certified massage therapists will be available in surgery waiting rooms to provide 15-minute chair massages for families, friends, and caregivers waiting for their loved ones.
  • We’ll be available at the Patient Resource Center to provide table massages for caregivers and family as well as specialized oncology massages for cancer patients. Our massage therapists are specially trained to provide a personalized massage to suit the patients’ needs.

Soothe was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles. Since then we’ve expanded to over 60 cities in 4 countries and have over 11,000 massage therapists on our platform. Partnering with a medical center like City of Hope in our home region is an honor. Every year they provide care to over 6,000 patients from all over the country. We are looking forward to providing a resource to the medical center that will make the journey through cancer a little bit easier for all involved.

At Soothe our mission is to help anyone relax, anytime and anywhere and we’re fortunate to partner with the City of Hope to make high-quality massages available to those who need it most.

– Jeff Bishop, VP, Compliance & Recruiting