Upper Body Pain Relief Articles

What’s the Best Massage for Men Who Need Help Relaxing?

Question: It's crunch time at work, and things have been really stressful lately. On top of that, my family seems to go through one crisis after another, and I'm always…READ MORE

What’s the Best Massage for Women Who Are Stressed Out?

Question: I juggle so many demands, what with work, the kids, and my aging mother. Lately, it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong has, and I've been spending…READ MORE

How to Massage a Back and Neck

Question: For the past few weeks, I've felt a tightness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Some days it's so painful I can barely turn my head, then other…READ MORE

What Massage Works Best to Treat Back Pain?

Question: I ran a 5k a couple weeks ago, and ever since then my back has been killing me. It really makes me feel old. Sometimes I bend over and…READ MORE

Headache Massage: How to Relieve Headaches With a Massage

Question: I've had headaches all my life, but lately they seem to be getting worse. Over-the-counter medication used to help, but now all they do is slightly dull the pain.…READ MORE

What’s the Best Massage for a Stiff Neck?

Question: About a week ago, I woke up with a stiff neck. I figured I'd just slept with my head cranked funny and went on about my day. The next…READ MORE

What’s the Best Massage for Arthritis in My Back and Neck?

Question: I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my back and neck, and the pain of flare-ups can be excruciating. Soreness often lingers for days after I have a flare-up,…READ MORE

Can I Get Relief from Migraines with Massage Therapy?

Question: I started getting migraines several years ago. At first they were relatively rare, and I could usually identify the trigger. But recently, I've been getting them more frequently, and…READ MORE

What Massage Is Best for Tight Back Muscles?

Question: The muscles in my back are so tight I can barely move without pain. Anyone who touches my back says it feels like a brick wall. I've tried various…READ MORE

Does a Massage for Anxiety Actually Help?

Question: I've had trouble with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I've tried a couple of different anti-anxiety medications that…READ MORE

Is There Such Thing as a Massage for Depression?

Question: A few years ago I was diagnosed with depression. More recently I've made an effort to live more organically, and I've become interested in holistic health practices. Many practitioners…READ MORE

Can You Recommend a Massage for a Pinched Nerve?

Question: Over the past few days I've had this numbness down my arm that feels like a pinched nerve. I've tried some stretches and a few exercises I saw online,…READ MORE

Shoulder Massage: Best Massage for Shoulder Pain

Question:I was a baseball pitcher in high school and college, but I hadn't really played as an adult until about a month ago when my office started a rec league…READ MORE

Frozen Shoulder Massage: How to Release a Frozen Shoulder

Question: The strangest thing happened to me a few weeks ago. When I woke up, I felt pretty intense pain in my shoulder, and I couldn't really move my arm.…READ MORE

Can a Herniated Disc Massage Reduce Numbness and Pain?

Question: I've been having lower back pain for quite some time. When I finally got it looked at, the doctor said I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region…READ MORE