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These Tools Are Key to Achieving Your New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

According to a study conducted by Statista last year, the number one resolution for 2022 was to live healthier. However, the majority of people will struggle to reach their goals- over 90% never achieve their resolution. So how can you avoid the New Year’s resolution pitfall? Apply these tools that will help you stick to your wellness goals throughout the year.

Be specific about what you want to achieve 

“I want to be healthier” is a great goal, but it’s vague. Healthy means a lot of different things, and that definition changes from person to person. The way you phrase your New Year’s resolution impacts your ability to stick to it. Maybe “healthy” really means getting better sleep, reducing your stress, or eating clean. 

Make it measurable

Find a way to measure your success. If your New Year’s goal is to reduce stress, make a plan for how you’ll engage in stress-reducing activities. If you want to work out more in 2023, sign up for some fitness classes or commit to a gym schedule. Set the number of times per week you’d like to do these things. Journaling can be a great way to track your progress. Use an app or jot down achievements like ounces of water intake or body measurements. Most importantly, periodically check in with yourself and make note of you’re feeling. Do you have more energy throughout the day? Are you feeling a greater sense of peace or happiness? Being mindful of these wellness indicators will keep you motivated long-term. 

Start small and work toward forming habits

If you’re just starting out or getting back into healthy activities, start with smaller, manageable goals. For example, meditating or working out once or twice a week, or going to bed one hour earlier a few times each week. Starting small will give you a better sense of achievement right away and keep you motivated to continue. Continued practice is necessary when you’re establishing healthy habits, and once something becomes a habit, it becomes less of a chore and is much easier to add frequency or intensity to your routine over time.

Think about your wellness beyond physical health

If your New Year’s resolution is to focus on your wellness, it’s time to think beyond diet and exercise. Mental health is also so important. Self-care is a great way to demonstrate love and respect for ourselves. It fills our cups and keeps us energized and motivated, and it’s easier than you may think. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s some inspiration for mental wellness resolutions:

Do things that boost your confidence

It’s no secret that a fresh haircut or glowing skin can give you an instant boost of confidence. But did you know that confidence can help you be more productive? What’s more, feeling good about yourself also leads to better communication, improved relationships, and even more natural energy! If you want to really nail this year’s wellness New Year’s resolutions, don’t underestimate the power of confidence. 

Schedule in advance

Have a habit of skipping the gym, or scrolling through Instagram when you should be meditating? This year, commit to your goals by scheduling your wellness in advance. Scheduled classes or appointments are not as easy to blow off, so you’re more likely to go. Another good way to hold yourself accountable is to sign up for a membership or make recurring appointments. One-off appointments are easy to cancel compared to a standing appointment every other Tuesday. Wellness memberships are a great way to keep yourself accountable, too. If you pay for the year upfront, you’ll be less likely to give up on your goals early. As an added benefit, scheduling recurring wellness sessions with the same professionals also helps you measure your progress. Working with experts is a great way to address your problem areas and make a marked improvement

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