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Sharing the Love With Couples Massage

A couples massage is an amazing opportunity to spend intentional, quality time with someone you’re close to. It offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits that two can share in complete tranquility. 

With Soothe, you can customize your couple’s experience with hot stones, CBD oils, or percussive therapy — and best of all, a pair of licensed professionals will come directly to you, wherever you are. Receive a relaxing massage in your bedroom, beside a crackling fireplace, beneath sparkling skies, or by your favorite beach. 

Though the name may fool you, a couples massage isn’t only for romantic partners! Best friends, siblings, or any pair can stand to gain from sharing this form of self-care. 

What is a Couples Massage? 

A couples massage consists of two people enjoying massage therapy side by side. Performed in the same area but with separate beds, the massages happen at the same time. Both people enjoy the shared experience, making it perfect for fostering connection while supporting mental and physical health.

The Benefits of a Couples Massage 

Couples massages tend to be transformative experiences that offer a gorgeous array of benefits. 

  • Quality Time — An appointment helps foster a bond away from distraction, noise, and responsibilities.
  • Feel-good Hormones — Massages can help your body release happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. 
  • Pain Relief — Firm, consistent pressure can help untangle knots, relieve tension, and increase lymphatic flow.
  • Increased Heart Health — Massages are known to increase circulation, calm the heart, and lower blood pressure.

How to Prepare

Communication is key. Your providers may have questions about the space where you’ll receive your couples massage, where to park, and what treatments and add-ons you prefer. Be sure to answer their questions in the Soothe app and also ask your own before your appointment. You can chat easily with your massage therapist in the app to align on the details of your couples session. 

Depending on the type of massage you receive, clothing etiquette may vary. In most cases, wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that can be removed easily is a suitable option. Make sure to remove any jewelry or additional layers before your couples massage. 

What to Expect

Booking a couples massage is easy with Soothe. When you schedule an appointment, two licensed massage therapists meet you where you want, as long as there’s enough space to set up two separate beds. A 10 x 12 feet area will usually suffice for a couples massage.

Many massage therapists offer more than one type of massage. Choose what is best for you, and your partner may do the same. Use the Soothe app to chat with your therapists before your appointment so everyone is aligned on the type of treatment to expect. 

Some massage therapists will bring music to the massage, but you have the option of playing your own music. Music can set the tone, so think about your options before the therapist arrives. If you choose, scents can add excitement or a calming effect to the atmosphere. Vanilla and lavender are known to be relaxing scents. If you have a scented candle or diffuser, you may want to bring them to your massage location.

If you would like to treat yourself and a loved one to a couples massage, we recommend booking ahead to plan for the special occasion. Log in or open the Soothe app to check availability in your area. 

If you have questions or need help booking an appointment, check out our Help Center or contact Soothe’s support team via email or chat.