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How to Be More Productive While Working From Home

Staying focused and getting things done is hard enough at a busy office, let alone when you’re working from home. Distractions are everywhere: kids and pets running around, the news on TV, even your bed being just feet away can make it hard to get to work. As a wellness community, it’s our goal to help you be your best self, especially when times are difficult. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your focus, and boost productivity working from home.

Get productive with a separate work space.

Not everyone has a home office at the ready. But dedicating a specific space to work helps you stay focused — your kitchen table is a great choice! Choose a spot that’s away from other distractions and temptations, like your bed, couch and TV. It can be tempting to sink into your favorite armchair with your laptop, but experts agree that sitting up straight in a desk chair or kitchen chair is better for your focus (and your posture). Keep your new workstation organized and free from clutter for a little productivity boost!

Maintain a schedule.

Part of what makes the office feel more productive is the routine you have when you’re there. Adding team meetings to your calendar (video chat is a great resource!) and blocking time for specific projects can help keep you on track.

Utilize calendaring tools to help you stay organized during the day, even if it’s just blocking off time to do each task. Sometimes it’s easier to maintain focus when you have a visual representation of your day.

Take a break.

People who are working remotely often feel that they HAVE to be available the entire day, and therefore don’t take enough breaks. But that can actually make you less productive! Breaks are important for allowing your brain a few moments to reset and recharge. We recommend taking your usual lunch breaks, going for short walks, or just taking a moment to get away from your designated work space.

Wear your work clothes.

Dressing the part of a productive employee can actually help you be more productive. Yes, it’s super tempting to just roll out of bed in your sweats and hit the laptop with your morning coffee. But if you want to get more done, it’s actually better to put on your usual work outfit. You don’t need to put on a three-piece suit, or do a full face of makeup, but a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can help you feel more ready to take on the day.

Massage to be more productive

At Soothe, we are big believers in the power of massage to revive us, especially mid-day! Massage increases circulation and relieves tension, which can boost brain activity and make it easier to focus. If you find yourself feeling hazy and unfocused at home, try booking a massage in the afternoon to help you reset halfway through your day.

If you’re feeling sore and achey while working from home, your productivity level is likely taking a nose dive. Try these quick massage techniques to give your brain and body a much-needed break.

For Computer Hands: Typing away on a laptop can be exhausting. Give yourself a break with a quick hand massage! Massage your palm, starting between your thumb and pointer finger, then lightly massage each of your fingers, focusing on the fleshy sections (not the knuckles and bony parts).

A Simple Stretch: If you find yourself in a rut, take a moment and try some light stretches. By releasing the tension in your body, you can refocus on the task at hand. You can stretch your shoulders, chest and neck, right from your chair. How to Stretch> 

For Headaches: A simple head massage can reduce a tension headache brought on by stress or too much screen time. Gently apply pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips to your temples, moving slowly along your hairline to the middle of your forehead. Closing yiour eyes can increase the sense of relaxation, too.