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Instant Confirm For Providers – Soothe

Your Best Bet for Booking More Appointments

Want to get more booking requests, and book faster? Then Instant Confirm is the Soothe feature for you! With Instant Confirm, Providers on the Soothe Network can automatically book sessions that fit their availability and preferences. Using Instant Confirm is a great way to fill your schedule with less management on your part! If you’re interested in earning more with Soothe, read on to learn the benefits of using Instant Confirm. Plus, we’ll answer the most common Instant Confirm questions. 

How does Instant Confirm benefit Providers?

One of the benefits of Instant Confirm is the ability to book more appointments with Soothe. As a result, you can earn more money. For example, Providers with Instant Confirm availability get an average of 2x more appointments than those only accepting general offers. With Instant Confirm, you will be able to bypass general offers and be assigned onto appointments that match the criteria you set. 

Keep in mind, you can still accept any general offer outside of the Instant Confirm schedule! Just make sure to remove any Instant Confirm availability that conflicts with the general offers you have accepted.

Instant Confirm FAQs

What are the Instant Confirm preferences? 

Providers shared their preferences for this feature, and Soothe listened! With our latest update, we added new Appointment Duration, Minimum Advanced Notice, and Couples Massage toggles. 

To set up your desired Appointment Duration, specify the desired Minimum Length and Maximum Length of assigned appointments. Next, set the Minimum Advance Notice you need before the appointment start time. This setting determines the length of time between appointments, so you never worry about being late! You can also toggle if you are willing to take couples massages

Is there a specific amount of time/hours I need to commit to? 

As always with Soothe, you are in control of your schedule. So, there is no minimum amount of hours or days you need to commit to Instant Confirm. This feature helps you more easily manage your schedule, and get more appointments with Soothe. Since you will see more earning opportunities the more you use Instant Confirm, we recommend starting small and adding more availability later. 

Can I still accept general offers? What about offers in other areas? 

Yes! With Instant Confirm you can still accept any general offer outside of the availability set on Instant Confirm. If you do accept an offer in a different area or zip code, make sure to update your Instant Confirm availability. You want to avoid any conflicts or double-bookings. You can choose to update the area or the time frame within the Instant Confirm settings at any time.

How do I set up my Instant Confirm bundles and neighborhoods? 

Location bundles are the selected areas you choose to use for Instant Confirm. You can have multiple different bundles depending on where you would like to work and your current area code. To set your neighborhood bundles, click on “locations” in the menu. Next, click on the orange plus sign in the bottom right. All of your available neighborhoods will be listed. Add a bundle name and icon correlating with the neighborhood(s) you choose. The default location should be the neighborhood(s) you use most often. To select the neighborhood, slide the toggle to the right. Orange toggles indicate selected neighborhoods. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “create” to save. Congrats, you created a bundle!

Can I edit or delete a bundle? 

Yes, adjusting your Instant Confirm settings is easy! Your current bundles are under locations. To make changes, click on the bundle you want to edit or delete. On that page you can change the name, the icon used, un-toggle a neighborhood, or delete the bundle.