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How to Prepare for Your Soothe Appointment

A licensed professional comes directly to you when you book with Soothe. Select your appointment type below for a quick guide on how to prepare for for your appointment. 

Massage Appointments

Whether you’re targeting tense muscles with a Deep Tissue Massage or relaxing peacefully with a Swedish Massage, your therapist is equipped to provide a massage that fits your needs.

Plan to shower or bathe before your massage therapist arrives. Clear a 5ft x 12ft space for your therapist’s massage table (or a 10ft x 12ft space for a couples massage), preferably near a sink. Before you begin, make sure your therapist is aware of any injuries, allergies, and preferences you have.

After your therapist sets up, they will leave the room so you can dress down to your comfort level, under a sheet. For this reason, you may want to wear clothing that is easy to remove and put back on.

During your massage, feel free to communicate about what pressure you’d like and problem areas you’d like to avoid or target- remember, your appointment is always in your hands.

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Facial appointments

Facials are a great way to moisturize, cleanse pores, and get a glowy, youthful appearance. Depending on your skin type and needs, you can choose between a Hydrate, Acne, Age-defy, Anti-stress, or Men’s facial. After a licensed professional accepts your appointment, use the Soothe app to chat about your skin and what you hope to achieve.

Before your appointment, you should wash your face and skip the makeup. Avoid facial waxing and laser treatments within 1 and 2 weeks of your appointment, respectively. Exfoliation within 48 hours of your appointment should also be avoided, along with recent botox or fillers. If you’re on Accutane, please consult a doctor before booking.

Your Provider will bring all the products needed for your facial appointment. Feel free to ask questions and get their recommendation for ongoing treatment to best achieve the results you want. If you’d like to continue a regularly scheduled regimen with your Provider, be sure to add them to your Favorites in the Soothe app for future bookings. And don’t forget to leave a tip and rating to show your appreciation.

Nail appointments

Mani-pedis are perfect for those who like to dazzle with color, nourish their nails, or just want some soothing me-time. If you have gel polish on your nails, make sure to add a gel soak-off to your appointment so your Provider is prepared to remove your old polish before a new coat is applied. After your appointment is confirmed, chat with your Provider through the Soothe app to let them know what color, shape, or design you’d prefer.

Your Provider will bring everything, including nail polish colors, top coats, bottom coats, cuticle oil, cuticle nipper, cuticle softener, nail file, clippers, pedicure and hand bowls, nail polish remover, buffer, cotton pads, lotion, scrub, and cleaning supplies.

Prior to your appointment, make sure there’s enough space to sit in a comfortable position for both you and your Provider. If you’re receiving a pedicure,  we recommend non-carpeted spaces, or you may want to place a towel under your feet to soak up any excess water from the pedicure bowl.

If you’re receiving a Classic Nail treatment, remember that you can’t dry right away, so relax for 15-20 minutes. Results can last up to 2 weeks. After a Gel treatment, there’s no time required to dry. You can get going right away, including wearing socks and shoes. Results can last up to 3 weeks.

Keep your nails dazzling all year round by scheduling ahead in the Soothe app. Add your Provider to your Favorites to book with them again in the future, and don’t forget to leave a tip for your tips.

Hair appointments

Haircare and hairstyling are fundamental to looking and feeling great. Select from four different hair services: Haircut, Blowout, Updo, and Braids. If you have facial hair, you can also add on a special grooming service when you book your appointment.

Don’t worry about equipment. For all hair treatments, your Provider will bring professional haircare and styling products, including a cape, blow-dryer, handheld mirror, hairbrushes, sanitation and cleaning supplies, and even hot tools like a straightener and a curling iron.

Before any appointment, make sure your hair is clean and you’ve cleared a space near an outlet. Remember- communication is key! Use the Soothe app to chat with your stylist and  share any allergies to ingredients or products, and let them know what look you’d like to achieve.

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Makeup appointments

When you book a treatment with a licensed Provider, you get a professional cosmetologist who’s there to make you look and feel beautiful for any event or special occasion.

Best of all, your Provider will bring all the supplies: foundation, concealer, primer, lip colors, eye shadow, setting powder, mascara, spoolies, blush, bronzer, setting spray, brow pencil, tissue, mirror, and even an airbrush machine for airbrush services.

Before your appointment, wash your face and apply your skincare routine before your Provider arrives. Chat with your Provider through the Soothe app to discuss skin tone and preferred colors.

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Lash appointments

Whether you’re going for a natural, sultry, or dramatic look, nothing makes a statement quite like a good lash game. Booking a treatment with a licensed professional can help you accentuate your look with gorgeous eyelash extensions.

To ensure a relaxing experience, refrain from consuming caffeine at least 2-3 hours before your appointment. To prepare, wash your face and skip the makeup. Remove your contacts and get into comfortable clothes. Go to the Soothe app to chat with your Provider about what kind of look you’d like to achieve and what to expect.

During your appointment, avoid talking and feel free to take a nap. We recommend listening to music or tuning in to your favorite podcast while your Provider goes to work.

After your appointment, remember to avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours. Brush them twice a day with a clean mascara wand and wash in oil-free soap, preferably foam soap. Ask your Provider for recommendations! To make them last, avoid picking or pulling and don’t apply mascara.

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