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Should you drink water after massage therapy?

The short answer — yes, you should increase your water intake after massage sessions. Most people don’t drink enough water during the day, whether they’re getting a massage or not. And while it’s a known fact that staying hydrated is key for overall health and wellness, it’s especially important to drink water after massage, especially after receiving a deep tissue massage

Let’s take a closer look at why hydration is important when it comes to your massage. Your body is usually pretty good at flushing out toxins and waste on its own, and drinking enough water throughout the day makes this process more efficient. But tight muscles and knots actually inhibit the body’s ability to flush out metabolic waste from those tissues. Getting a massage feels great, and helps the body move waste materials out of those stagnate areas. But if you’re not hydrating and assisting your body in flushing out those toxins, the waste products can build up in your kidneys. 

The kneading your massage therapist performs on your muscles during a massage session moves stagnant fluid out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, and eventually toward your kidneys—hence the detoxifying effect of massage. But that awesome detoxed feeling won’t happen if your kidneys can’t keep up. Sipping some extra H2O before and after your session is a quick and easy way to expedite that totally refreshed feeling.

It may be tempting to pour yourself a glass of wine or a cocktail after your at-home Soothe massage, especially after a romantic couple’s massage. However, we recommend hydrating with good old-fashioned water first. Plus, due to the increased circulation after a massage, the effects of drinking/smoking will be faster and stronger than you’re used to, which can be dangerous. 

Some people have no trouble getting enough water intake throughout the day. Others, however, struggle to meet that 8-cup minimum. There are water-reminder apps, encouraging water bottle designs, infused-flavor waters and all kinds of methods to increase your hydration. If you find yourself forgetting to drink extra water after your Soothe massage appointments, we have a few helpful tricks. 

  • Make sure you have fresh, cold water waiting for you after your session. Stock the ice tray, refill your Brita, or just throw a reusable bottle in the fridge so it’s zero effort on your part. 
  • Set a “drink water after massage” reminder alarm on your phone. We recommend setting it for 10-15 minutes after the scheduled end of your session to give yourself a few minutes to relax.
  • Try infused water after massage therapy to keep that 5-star spa experience going at home. Treat yourself to fruit-infused spa water with cucumbers, oranges and lemon for a refreshing way to enjoy hydration with a nutrition boost on the side.