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The Trend That’s Taking Over the Wellness Space: In-Home Services

Is at-home wellness just a trend, or here to stay? Wellness is such an important part of our daily lives, and yet most wellness-related services are not accessible to a wide range of people. Cost, time, and safety often prevent people from participating in wellness activities. Recent data has shown that in-home services are on the rise, and it’s no surprise! Receiving massage, beauty, skincare, and hair treatments at home eliminates many of the barriers to self-care. Especially in the post-pandemic era, more people prefer a private wellness experience, as opposed to a crowded spa.

As the world’s leading on-demand wellness platform offering massage, skincare, and beauty services, Soothe recently has seen record demand in major markets, especially around holiday weekends like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, due to consumer preferences for unique stay-at-home experiences. Let’s take a closer look at why at-home wellness is a trend that’s here to stay.

In-home wellness is more convenient

Consumers have adapted their homes to also include the health and wellness experiences they used to go out for. Take gym and fitness studios, for example: people downloaded approximately 2.5 billion health and fitness apps worldwide in 2020. Plus, health and fitness equipment revenue more than doubled from March to October 2020, according to NPD retail data. This means fewer people are using public gyms and heading out to fitness classes. Instead, they are choosing to work out at home.

The same story is true for salons and spas. There are inherent disadvantages to going to a salon or spa. Working appointments into a busy schedule, battling traffic, locating (and often paying for) parking, and finding child care, to name a few. However, in-home massage, facials, manicures, and haircuts eliminate these barriers to wellness. You still get the same professional quality, but it’s a much more convenient and stress-free experience. For this reason, the industry expects at-home wellness to continue to expand into new offerings and locations.

“There is an increased focus on health and wellness since the pandemic started, yet people are social and desire personal connections beyond just streaming services. “Soothe enables people to still get the services they desire from top professionals while making wellness part of their everyday life at home.”

John Ellis, Soothe CEO

Wellness feels safer at home

Even with relaxed restrictions, many people are still wary of venturing out in the post-pandemic era. This is especially true in places that may see large spikes in crowds. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that 41% of consumers chose to stay in for Valentine’s Day 2020 and create a unique experience at home instead. Professional, relaxing wellness experiences are still something people want access to, especially for special occasions! In-home and on-demand wellness services make that possible, without the added anxiety of dealing with crowds or feeling unsafe. Instead, the spa comes to you, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Similarly, extended visits to the salon help us look and feel our best, which is key to overall wellbeing. But many people have chosen to skip out on treating themselves to regular haircuts, nail appointments, or facials. Booking these services at home allows people access to the care they need and deserve, without the stress. Certain steps still need to be taken to ensure safety at home, but this is often a better option for those that aren’t comfortable with an in-salon appointment just yet.

Why this trend isn’t going anywhere

Even as salons and spas reopen, there is still a need and desire for in-home services. And many times, both can be enjoyed in different circumstances! Here are the top reasons why at-home wellness is here to stay:

  • It’s easier to fit wellness into your day. With on-demand booking, at-home wellness requires less planning ahead. Had a meeting cancelled and suddenly have 2 hours free this afternoon? A mani/pedi it is! A traditional salon experience would still require travel time to/from the salon, plus the additional hassle of seeing if they have an open appointment.
  • Makes regular wellness more accessible. Just like exercise and dieting, wellness works better if it’s a regular thing. Being able to book regular in-home massage or facial sessions, with the same professional, is key to turning self-care from a treat into a good habit.
  • A personalized in-home experience. Having beauty, skincare, and massage appointments at home can make them feel more personalized. Because it’s your home, it’s easier to choose the music you like, light your favorite candle, or rearrange the space so that it feels right for you.
  • The technology is still evolving. While you can currently search for providers, book appointments, and manage your preferences from anywhere with an app, wellness technology is constantly changing. Many salons and spas remain limited by their brick-and-mortar setting. In-home services, on the other hand, are more flexible and nimble when it comes to taking full advantage of the latest and greatest technology.