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If you’re looking for a massage near you, Soothe offers mobile massage services in major cities across the U.S. See where Soothe provides home massage services below.

Massage therapy, delivered.

Soothe provides spa-quality, on-demand massage services all over the country. That’s right, Soothe will bring the massage therapy service to your home, office, or event venue. We have several massage therapy services to choose from including deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, chair massage, percussive massage, and couples massage.

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What type of massage therapy is the best?

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly practiced massage therapies. It involves the application of long, flowing strokes, kneading, and gentle tapping motions to relax muscles and relieve tension. The primary benefits of Swedish massage include improved circulation, reduced muscle soreness, enhanced flexibility, and overall stress reduction. Its gentle nature and ability to address both physical and mental stress make it a favorite choice for individuals seeking a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Deep tissue massage, another highly popular form of massage, targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. This technique employs slow, intense pressure and friction to release chronic muscle tension and adhesions, relieving pain and restoring mobility. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, or those seeking relief from muscle knots and stiffness.

Sports massage is specifically tailored for athletes and active individuals, aiming to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and promote recovery. It combines elements of Swedish and deep tissue massage with stretching techniques. Sports massage helps increase flexibility, improve range of motion, reduce muscle soreness, and speed up recovery by targeting specific muscle groups and addressing sports-related issues such as muscle imbalances and tightness.

How to use Soothe's massage therapy services?

The easiest way to start booking a massage therapy session is by downloading the Soothe app. Through Soothe, licensed massage therapists provide services across the U.S. Once you’ve downloaded the Soothe app, just follow the instructions in the app to book your massage. If you prefer to book an appointment on web, simply click here to get started.

This image shows the Soothe app which can be used for booking a massage, facial, hair, or beauty service with a licensed professional that will come to your home with everything needed for your appointment.

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