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I caught the running bug a few years ago, and a couple of months ago I completed my first marathon. Soon after, I started to experience pain in my buttock and hamstring area that my doctor diagnosed as high hamstring tendinopathy. My doctor referred me to a physical therapist, and my physical therapist recommended massage therapy. Can a hamstring massage help with hamstring tendinopathy? Read More »

The muscles in my back are so tight I can barely move without pain. Anyone who touches my back says it feels like a brick wall. I’ve tried various stretches and exercises, but I haven’t found anything yet that makes the situation any better. I know massage therapy is designed to loosen your muscles and help you relax. What’s the best massage for tight back muscles? Read More »

I caught the running bug a few years ago, and a couple of months ago I completed my first marathon. Soon after, I started to experience pain in my buttock and hamstring area that my doctor diagnosed as high hamstring tendinopathy. My doctor referred me to a physical therapist, and my physical therapist recommended massage therapy. Can a hamstring massage help with hamstring tendinopathy? Read More »

The strangest thing happened to me a few weeks ago. When I woke up, I felt pretty intense pain in my shoulder, and I couldn’t really move my arm. At first I thought I must have just slept in a weird position, but the pain continued and got worse through the week, so I finally went to see my doctor. She said I have a condition commonly known as “frozen shoulder,” and basically told me to just take anti-inflammatories for pain when necessary and let it go – that it would get better on its own. Is there a massage that could help release my frozen shoulder so I can go back to normal activities more quickly? Read More »

I have a busy schedule, and I simply don’t have the time to get out to a spa for a massage. Nor do I have the energy – after a long day at work and chasing after my kids, I don’t feel like going anywhere! I’ve seen that I can order a massage therapist to come to my home, but I’m not sure how to prepare for that. What should I do to get ready for a massage at home? Read More »

I know I could stand to lose some weight. I’ve tried dieting and exercise, but I can’t seem to find a program I can really stick with. And of course, as soon as I stop a diet, I gain back all the weight I lost and then some. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the internet about weight loss massages. Is there really such a thing? I feel like it’s probably too good to be true. Read More »

My partner and I have an anniversary coming up, and this year I want to do something a little different. A friend of mine recommended a couples’ massage. I confess I’ve never had a couples’ massage before, and I’m pretty sure my partner has never had a massage at all. The concept sounds interesting, but I really want to avoid any discomfort or awkwardness that could ruin our anniversary celebration. What happens during a couples’ massage, and what can we expect? Read More »

I’ve been feeling a bit run-down lately, and I’ve been reading a lot about detoxification. From what I’ve read, we absorb toxins from the things we eat as well as just being out in public space. Over time, we build up these toxins in our bodies and they wreak havoc on our well-being. Out of all the methods of detoxification I’ve read, massage certainly has the most appeal. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? But does massage really release toxins? Read More »

As I’ve gotten older, arthritis and other conditions have left me mentally and physically exhausted. It’s all I can do to keep up with the doctor’s appointments and other demands on my time. I thought I was supposed to be retired! When my granddaughter suggested massage, I laughed. I’m in my mid-70s. Aren’t I too old for a massage? Read More »

I quietly endured lower back pain for years before I finally talked to my doctor about it. After submitting to a number of tests, my doctor ultimately diagnosed me with sciatica. Drugs have offered me some relief, but I’m hesitant to continue a narcotic pain regimen that does nothing to eliminate the cause of my pain. Is there a particular massage that could help treat my sciatic nerve pain? Read More »

I’ve had trouble with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I’ve tried a couple of different anti-anxiety medications that gave me some relief, but I’m not a fan of the side effects. A friend recommended I try massage therapy. I’ll admit I felt vaguely insulted. Sure, a massage is relaxing, but I have a serious medical problem. Can massage therapy really help with anxiety? Read More »

I’m 24 weeks pregnant, and work is starting to become difficult. I get lower back pain from sitting at my desk all day. I tried a coworker’s standing desk, but that doesn’t provide much relief because my ankles are swollen and my legs get sore. A friend mentioned trying massage therapy. She said it would also help my anxiety and mood swings. I’ve had a massage before, and I was laying on my stomach. I know I couldn’t do that now! The suggestion got me wondering – how would a massage work in my condition? Would massage be safe for the baby? Read More »

A few years ago I was diagnosed with depression. More recently I’ve made an effort to live more organically, and I’ve become interested in holistic health practices. Many practitioners discuss massage therapy as a way to treat depression. I’ve been on anti-depressants for years, but I would love to stop taking these drugs (or at least be able to decrease my dosage). Is there such a thing as massage for depression? Read More »

I woke up one morning and couldn’t bend my knee or even put any weight on that leg without excruciating pain. After a nervous trip to the doctor and some additional testing, I was diagnosed with gout. I’ve instituted some changes in my diet and am taking medication, but flare-ups still seem to occur for no reason. I know massage is frequently used to treat other forms of arthritis – is there a massage that could help my gout? Read More »

It’s crunch time at work, and things have been really stressful lately. On top of that, my family seems to go through one crisis after another, and I’m always the go-to guy. Everybody turns to me because I’m so good at handling these situations. I can usually keep my head together. But lately the stress has been getting to me. My life has been go go go, and if I sit down for even a minute I get anxious that there’s something I should be doing. I’ve been thinking I really need a massage. It would be nice to let go and release some of this tension. Is there a particular type of massage that would help me finally relax? Read More »

All of my friends are raving about on-demand massage therapy, and how they can now get a massage virtually any time they want at the location of their choosing. This sounds great to me, but I’m worried about being able to relax if I’m not comfortable with the massage therapist. I’m pretty picky about who I trust and have a hard time with strangers. How can I find a massage therapist I’ll like? Read More »

I juggle so many demands, what with work, the kids, and my aging mother. Lately, it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong has, and I’ve been spending all my time putting out fires. I never get any time to myself and I feel like I’m at the breaking point. Is there a specific massage that would work best for a stressed out working mom? Read More »

Over the past few days I’ve had this numbness down my arm that feels like a pinched nerve. I’ve tried some stretches and a few exercises I saw online, but they don’t really seem to help and I’m afraid to make it worse. Can you recommend a massage for a pinched nerve? Read More »

I’ve been having lower back pain for quite some time. When I finally got it looked at, the doctor said I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region of my spine. I’ve been taking medication and doing some physical therapy, but nothing really seems to relieve my pain. I don’t want to move to narcotic pain meds because I’m worried about addiction. Could a massage reduce the numbness and pain from a herniated disc? Read More »

For the past few weeks, I’ve felt a tightness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Some days it’s so painful I can barely turn my head, then other days it’s just a dull ache, but it’s always there. At first I thought I must have slept weird, and tried to ignore it, but as it kept hanging on I started to worry that there was something more significant going on. Taking pain killers only seems to be treating the symptoms. I think massage might help, but what’s the best way to massage my upper back and neck? Read More »

My teenage daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, and we’ve been looking at a number of different treatment options for her. I understand that there’s no real cure for the condition, but I want to ensure she can live the most active and pain-free life possible. I’ve read about scoliosis massage, but I’m skeptical – I thought massage treated muscles, not bones. What exactly is a scoliosis massage, and does it actually work?  Read More »

I ran a 5k a couple weeks ago, and ever since then my back has been killing me. It really makes me feel old. Sometimes I bend over and worry I won’t be able to straighten back up. In the meantime, my training has fallen off. I don’t want to pull out of the race I registered for next month. I went to my doctor, but he just prescribed pain pills, which I’m reluctant to take. Is there a specific massage that would alleviate my back pain and get me back on track? Read More »

As a diabetic, I suffer from neuropathy that is sometimes debilitating. I’ve tried drugs that offer some relief, but I’m reluctant to take pain killers. A woman in my diabetic support group recently discussed the improvements she’s had from massage therapy, and it sounds like something I’d like to try. What’s the best massage for neuropathy? Read More »

We recently completed a company-wide survey on the workplace environment, and a number of my employees requested that we have corporate massage available in the workplace. I talked to some colleagues, and apparently this is a trend, but I’m still not completely on board. What are the benefits of office massage, both for my employees and for the company as a whole? Read More »

This is kind of embarrassing, but I’ve been struggling lately with constipation. It used to be more occasional, but it’s become more frequent as I’ve gotten older. I don’t like to take laxatives because the side effects make me uncomfortable. I’ve seen stuff about constipation massages on the internet. What exactly is a constipation massage, and does it actually work? Read More »

I’ve had headaches all my life, but lately they seem to be getting worse. Over-the-counter medication used to help, but now all they do is slightly dull the pain. I’m afraid to take anything any stronger, and I’m tired of treating the symptoms. Could massage therapy help relieve my headaches? Read More »

I’ve been having a dull ache in my lower back for the past couple of weeks. I went to a chiropractor, but he said there’s no problems with my spine. I thought maybe it was related to the fact that I sit at a desk all day. I’ve been reading a lot lately about standing desks, so I thought I would try one out, but that didn’t really help the problem. If anything, it got worse. Is there a specific massage out there that could help me? Read More »

I’ve been wanting to try a massage for awhile, but I was a little nervous about feeling self-conscious. After doing a lot of research, I understand more what to expect. I finally got over my nerves and booked my first massage. I’m really excited! What I’m wondering about now, though, is what to do after my massage. Is there anything in particular I should do (or avoid doing) after a massage so I can get the most benefit from it? Read More »

About a week ago, I woke up with a stiff neck. I figured I’d just slept with my head cranked funny and went on about my day. The next day, though, I could hardly turn my head without excruciating pain. Since then, the level of pain goes up and down from day to day, but overall it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. What’s the best massage I can get that will help my neck feel better? Read More »

I’ve suffered from allergies all my life. My friends and family spend most of their time outdoors in the spring while I’m stuck indoors, and I feel left out. But at the same time, allergy medications sap my energy and make my brain foggy. I have a friend who mentioned she was getting some relief from her allergies with massage therapy. Is there a particular massage technique that’s used to treat allergies, and how does the treatment work? Read More »

I’m six months pregnant, and I’m having a serious problem with swelling, particularly my feet, ankles, and lower legs. Sometimes I have a hard time finding shoes to wear comfortably, and it’s difficult to walk up and down the stairs. When I was talking to my sister about it, she went on and on about how I needed a massage. What’s the best massage to combat swelling during pregnancy?  Read More »

Even as a child, I always had sensitive skin. I got bad breakouts as a teenager, and the problem followed me into adulthood. After years of struggling and trying different products, I feel like I’ve finally got the problem under control. I’ve been thinking about getting a massage, but I’m concerned that if the massage therapist uses oil it will cause my breakouts to return. What’s the best massage oil for skin? Read More »

I’ve played sports for most of my life, and I’ve had several injuries as a result. I had knee surgery a few years ago and rotator cuff surgery more recently. I’m worried the scar tissue from these injuries is decreasing my range of motion and killing my performance. I figured there was nothing I could do about it, but one of the trainers at my gym said massage could actually help get rid of that scar tissue. Can massage help heal my injuries and get me back in the game? Read More »

I’ve recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my back and neck, and the pain of flare-ups can be excruciating. Soreness often lingers for days after I have a flare-up, causing a lot of stress and anxiety. In addition to the soreness, I find that my back and neck are often stiff, which makes it difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep. I know massage promotes relaxation, but apart from that, are there any massage techniques that could help ease my arthritis pain? Read More »

Lately I’ve had trouble falling asleep, and when I do finally fall asleep I wake up frequently throughout the night. Everybody I talk to about this just recommends I take a sleep aid like melatonin. I know they work, the problem is I’m worried about side effects or the possibility of getting addicted and making this problem worse without them. I started looking at ways to improve my sleep without taking drugs, and massage keeps coming up. Can massage help me get better sleep? Read More »

I started getting migraines several years ago. At first they were relatively rare, and I could usually identify the trigger. But recently, I’ve been getting them more frequently, and seemingly for no reason. The medication my doctor prescribed is effective, but it’s also fairly expensive, and it doesn’t do anything to lessen the frequency. Could massage therapy give me some relief? Read More »

I was a baseball pitcher in high school and college, but I hadn’t really played as an adult until about a month ago when my office started a rec league softball team. I pitched our first game with no problems, but after the second game my shoulder started killing me. I don’t think I injured it during the game – or if I did, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. It didn’t really start hurting until the next morning, but since then it hasn’t stopped. A work buddy recommended I get a massage, but I’m more than a little skeptical. Can massage really help my shoulder pain? And what would be the best type of massage to ask for? Read More »

I’ve been active my whole life, but I only started a focused weightlifting program a few months ago. I’m noticing gains, but I’m also noticing sporadic pain that makes it difficult for me to engage in some of the other activities, such as running, that I once enjoyed. One of the guys at the gym recommended Rolfing, and there are a couple of trainers who swear by it. I haven’t heard much about Rolfing. How is it different from regular massage, or deep tissue massage?  Read More »

I recently started training for a triathlon. For some reason my recovery seems to be lagging, but I don’t want to space out my training any more than I already have. The fancy gym offers massages—specifically sports massage and it’s piqued my interest. What I don’t fully understand is how a sports massage is different from any other massage. Is it just marketing lingo? And what legitimate benefits are there, apart from just generally making you feel good and relaxed? Read More »

After years of visiting multiple doctors in an attempt to find some relief from the often overwhelming pain that sometimes seems to overwhelm my entire body, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However, this diagnosis sometimes seems more like the beginning than the end. My doctor has had my try several different medications, and while a few have provided some relief, I’ve yet to find anything that would completely free my from this debilitating pain. A friend of mine recommended massage therapy, but I’m skeptical. I associate a massage with being pampered at a luxury spa. Is massage therapy really effective for fibromyalgia? Read More »

I’ve been lifting weights for awhile and I recently got into bodybuilding competitions with the encouragement of a couple of guys at the gym. I had my first show a couple weeks ago, and while I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked, I guess I did okay for my first time out. I really feel like I’m hitting a wall, though. My gains have slowed and I’m not recovering as fast as I’d like. So backstage at the show, I heard a couple guys talking about how they considered massage their secret weapon. What’s the best massage for weight lifters and bodybuilders? Read More »

I’ve had persistent pain in my back for several months now. I’m ready to see a specialist about it, but the problem is that I don’t know exactly where I need to go or who I need to see. When I talk to friends and colleagues about it, some recommend massage therapy while others say I need to go to a chiropractor. What’s the difference between chiropractic and massage, and how can I tell which would be the most benefit to me?  Read More »

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and we’ve been researching alternative and complementary treatments that will help ease her pain and increase her chances of recovery. As I was reading about complementary cancer treatments, massage therapy kept coming up. What is an oncology massage? Does it work, and is it safe for my mother?  Read More »

I ran my first 5k a few months ago, and I totally caught the running bug. I’ve signed up for several more races including a relay and a trail run, and I’m having the time of my life. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed my calves cramping up a lot, particularly when I’m running on a more uneven surface. This happens no matter how well-hydrated I am or how much I warm up before my run. Is there a particular massage for calf muscles that can relieve my cramps?  Read More »

Lately I’ve been feeling run down, but I’ve had difficulty figuring out why. I did have a sinus infection about a month ago, but the infection cleared up. I’m still a little congested, especially in the morning, but I don’t necessarily feel sick. I just seem to lack the energy to do the things I used to enjoy, and I feel tired all the time. I was researching treatments that might help me, and I came across lymphatic massage. Proponents make it sound like some sort of miracle cure, but I’m a bit skeptical. Does a lymphatic massage actually work?  Read More »

I’ve wanted to get a massage for awhile, but I’m nervous. I don’t know much about finding the right massage therapist, including whether I can limit my selection to a particular gender. I’m a woman, and I don’t think I would be comfortable if my massage therapist was a man. Is there some way I can avoid having a male massage therapist? Read More »

I’ve been an office assistant for about 12 years now. I really love my job, but my wrists don’t. My doctor recently diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve been given splints to wear on my wrists, but they really don’t seem to be helping. If anything, my wrists hurt more with the splints on than with them off. A coworker recently sang the praises of carpal tunnel massage. Could that help reduce my numbness and pain? Read More »

I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis. I have problems with swelling around my knee, and anti-inflammatory drugs don’t really seem to be helping. I was talking to a friend about it, and turns out she had the same problem a couple months ago. She recommended massage therapy. What’s the best massage for tendonitis inflammation? Read More »

My friends and I booked a beach vacation back in the winter. We were trying on bikinis recently and I became aware of just how dimply my rear and thighs are with cellulite. I’ve been working out more lately, and I’m proud of how my body looks – but this cellulite has got to go! So I started looking at various treatments and I see “cellulite massage” advertised everywhere. Can massage actually reduce cellulite?  Read More »

I’ve been feeling pain in my right elbow lately – with some activities, it can be excruciating. So I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with tennis elbow, which is funny because I’ve never even played tennis! The doctor basically told me to take anti-inflammatories and said it would go away on its own after a few months. But I’m not interested in dealing with this pain (or taking drugs every day) for months. Is there a massage that can relieve my tennis elbow pain? Read More »