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Why Massage Should Be Part of Your Travel Plans

With travel back open in many places around the world, airports are bustling and planes are packed. When the going gets extra-stressful, a massage during travel can make a big difference.  If you don’t already include getting a massage on your packing list, there are a few reasons you should!

Traveling is stressful, both on the mind and body. Between long hours sitting, cramped plane seats, and lugging heavy bags around, your body is bound to feel the effects of traveling. In fact, many people experience back, leg, neck and shoulder pain while traveling. From the mental side of things, traveling increases stress about making your flight, worrying about safety, or hoping you don’t get lost in an unfamiliar place. Not to mention suffering through jet lag and poor sleep in an uncomfortable hotel bed. If you’ve ever come back from a trip more exhausted than rejuvenated, you know what we mean.

The good news is, massage can help relieve these common travel stressors. If you have upcoming travel plans, it’s a good idea to add a massage to your itinerary! Keep reading to learn why you need a massage while traveling, and how to book a session for your next trip. 

Benefits of massage for travelers 

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there are more benefits to massage for travelers than you may think! Regular massage is a smart way to improve your mental and physical health, so why not take it on-the-go, too? Making massage part of your travel lifestyle can make a big difference in your overall well being.

  • Massage improves circulation and blood flow. This is helpful for reducing soreness after long flights.
  • Relieve pain from tense muscles and soreness from travel.
  • Getting a massage relaxes away the stress of traveling so you can enjoy the trip. Melting away tension and worry is key to feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated! Plus, massage can help get back to your usual activities faster after you return. 
  • It’s no secret that it’s hard to sleep when you travel. Getting a massage can help improve sleep quality, especially in an unfamiliar bed.
  • Did you know massage can also help reduce the symptoms of jet lag? Massage helps restore a more natural circadian rhythm by promoting better sleep, restoring energy naturally, and improving focus.
  • A great benefit of getting a massage while traveling is that it lifts your mood. Who doesn’t want to feel happier and more at ease on their vacation? 

When to get a massage while traveling 

If you have a trip coming up, massage should definitely be on your mind while planning. But when is the best time to get a massage around your travel plans? Depending on the nature of your trip, you have a few options to maximize the benefits of your travel massage. 

  • Pre-travel massage. Booking a pre-travel massage is especially helpful if you have a long journey ahead, like a red-eye flight or long layovers. Getting a massage before you leave for a trip will help you stay relaxed, and promote better sleep. The increased circulation can also prevent the achy soreness you usually get after a long-haul flight or cross-country drive. To keep pre-travel stress to a minimum, book a traveling massage therapist to come directly to your home before you leave. Travel jitters are real, and a massage the night before a long drive or flight can help you feel more rested for your journey.
  • Book a massage when you arrive. Nothing says “time to start vacation” like getting a massage on arrival to your destination! On-demand mobile massage therapists can meet you at your hotel room for a much-needed session after you arrive. Even if you’re on a business trip, a massage helps combat jet lag, reduce pain from traveling, and get you ready to tackle the rest of your itinerary. 
  • Post-travel massage. Sometimes, getting back into the swing of things after a trip is surprisingly hard! Between travel stress, a sore back and neck, and jet lag, your body could use a post-travel boost. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have a massage therapist travel to your home after returning from a trip! Book a session to recover from poor sleep, soothe away stress, and increase energy and focus. Getting a post-travel massage is like hitting the reset button!

The best massage for travel

It’s not just timing that can impact your massage experience while traveling. The type of massage you get can also change the effects on your body and mind. When choosing the best massage for you, consider the following modalities: 

Swedish massage 

This popular massage modality is the ultimate way to relax and reset. Perfect for evening massages, getting a Swedish massage promotes better sleep and reduces stress. This makes it a great jet lag massage after long journeys! If you’re new to massage, a Swedish massage while on vacation is perfect for first-timers. The long, sweeping strokes and gentle kneading ease pain and soreness, too. 

Deep tissue massage 

For people who travel often, a deep tissue massage is just the ticket. Long hours spent on planes, in cars, and on trains (and lugging around heavy bags) can lead to chronic shoulder, back, and neck pain. A deep tissue massage performed by a licensed therapist targets these common areas impacted by traveling. It’s best to book deep tissue massages after traveling, so you can take time to relax and recover after your session. 

This type of massage is also great for people who are very physically active on vacation. Avid hikers, skiers, and kayakers can all benefit from a deep tissue massage! Plus, what better way to relax after all-day activities than a massage?

Couples massage 

The perfect way to recover from travel, together? Book a couples massage! There’s nothing more romantic than a relaxing massage on your vacation, so why not enjoy it together? If your hotel room has enough space, you can book an on-demand couples massage with a traveling massage therapist, and enjoy all the benefits of your massage without even leaving the room. Make it extra-romantic with a little planning ahead: order room service and champagne to be delivered after your session!

Tips for staying on-track while you travel with massage on-demand

Often, people lose track of their wellness goals on vacation. But just because the food’s delicious and you’re not hitting the gym, doesn’t mean your entire routine has to suffer. On-demand massage is a great way to stick to your wellness routine while traveling. With professional massage therapists available in major cities around the world, Soothe makes it easy to stay on-track with your wellness no matter where you are.

One of the best ways to ensure your massage is as relaxing as possible is to eliminate more traveling. That’s why on-demand massage that comes to you is such a great option for travelers! Soothe brings the spa directly to you in your home or hotel room. All you need is 6 feet of space, and a licensed massage therapist takes care of the rest. 

If you know you’re going to want a massage at a specific time during your trip, it’s a smart idea to book in advance. Travel massage services are in high demand, and we want to make sure you get the massage you need (and deserve) while you’re on-the-go. Another tip from the massage Pros: always drink plenty of water before and after you travel, especially if you get a massage! Staying hydrated promotes better circulation and reduces soreness after your travel massage. 

Whether you’re constantly on-the-go for business, or just satisfying your wanderlust, it’s time to start adding “get a massage” to your travel itinerary!