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Transform Your Home Into A Personal Spa

Preparing for Massage: Transform Your Home Into Your Own Personal Oasis

One of the greatest benefits of in-home massage is that there’s no need to travel to receive a spa-quality massage. By ordering a massage to your home, you skip the inconvenience (and the frustration) of parking and driving immediately before or after a massage. Another benefit of enjoying a massage in the comfort of your home is that you can truly customize your experience. Whether you live in an expansive single-family home or a modest studio apartment, you can transform your home into a soothing oasis tailored perfectly to your taste. Though a massage is sure to be a relaxing experience, there are a number of ways you can create a relaxing space by preparing for massage in your home.  

Set Aside Space

Clear six feet of space any place in your home that you feel comfortable. This can be in your living room, bedroom, or even backyard. Wherever you decide to set up, make sure that there will be sufficient space for the massage table and massage therapist to move around it. When preparing for massage, you’ll want to make sure your chosen spot is free from distractions like the TV, pets, and other family members so you can truly relax.

Give Yourself Privacy

Draw the curtains or blinds in the room you plan on getting your massage in so that you have complete privacy. If you have other family members at home with you, give them a heads up not to bother you until after your massage is complete. When your therapist is finished setting up, they will step into the restroom to wash their hands, giving you privacy to disrobe to your level of comfort and position yourself on the table. Please note, Soothe does not allow fully nude massages.

Take A Shower

As part of our Soothe Safe program, we ask that you please shower prior to your therapist’s arrival. Showering before your massage is an important part of upholding our community wellness standards. It also helps in preparing for massage, as the hot water will warm up your muscles and help you feel more refreshed and relaxed. Your therapist will appreciate your consideration, too!

Put On Comfortable Clothing

After you’ve showered, indulge in comfortable non-constricting clothing that you can remove easily when it’s time for your massage. Wearing a robe before and after your massage is always a treat. Our Soothe Swedish Robe is the perfect all-season option, with its textured, breathable fabric and comfortable kimono style. If you don’t have a robe, sweats are always a good option.

Check In With Your Body

When preparing for massage, take a moment before your session starts to scan your body, starting at the top of your head and extending to the tips of your toes. Do you feel any pain, tension, or stress in specific areas of  your body? If so, be sure to tell your therapist so that they can focus on these problem areas.

Silence Your Phone

Make sure to put your phone on silent or do-not-disturb once your therapist arrives. Hearing phone notifications or vibrations will distract your from truly relaxing during your massage.

Set the Mood

The final touch to creating a spa day at home is to emulate a spa experience. Our Soothe therapists come prepared with aromatherapy, oils, and music, but they are happy to use your products or music if you prefer. Lighting a candle, like our serene Blackberry Forest Candle, can make your at-home massage experience a little more luxurious.

Preparing for massage in your home

Now that you’ve transformed your home into a relaxation-ready oasis, get ready to unwind during your massage and learn how to stay relaxed long after your therapist says goodbye. Preparing for massage in your home is simple and will make your massage that much more enjoyable.

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