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Soothe Celebrates 3 Years

Today, Soothe celebrates its 3rd birthday!

It’s a big day for us and one that we may not have reached without the support of our tremendous customers.

In 2013, our CEO and Founder Merlin Kauffman set out on a mission to make massage more accessible. At the time, Merlin was traveling non-stop and the wear and tear of traveling was taking a toll on his body. A long proponent of massage, Merlin became frustrated by the difficulty of trying to schedule a massage around his busy schedule. His frustrations, however, proposed a interesting idea.

What if you could order a certified massage therapist to your home, hotel, or office at a time that’s convenient for you? The moment the thought occurred to him, he knew there was something special to it. Thus, Soothe was born.

Three years later, Soothe has expanded from an idea to a lucrative business. The Soothe therapist network consistently provides high quality massage to a wide array of clientele. We’ve helped bring relaxation to busy professionals, parents, athletes, wellness enthusiasts, expectant mothers, and those suffering from injuries or health difficulties. Our network of over 6,300 therapists has provided the healing power of human touch to so many people over the last three years that we could fill Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in the United States and third largest in the world, over one and half times. That’s a lot of massages!

The on-demand nature of our business has helped make getting a massage an almost seamless process and we know we’ll only continue to improve. So today, we thank you for joining us on our journey to bring on-demand massage therapy to the masses. It’s been an amazing theree years and we can’t wait to see what the next three hold.

Let’s look at the last 3 years in numbers.