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Take the Stress Out of Planning A Summer Staycation

How to Plan a Relaxing Summer Staycation 

You don’t need to travel far to have an amazing summer! Far-flung getaways aren’t always the best option for many reasons. Vacation costs, work, and school schedules, and the stress of flying are all valid reasons to stay close to home this summer. Especially with many people choosing not to travel during the pandemic, it may feel like vacations are out of the question. But just because you’re keeping it local doesn’t mean you have to give up the vacation mindset! Use this summer staycation planning guide to get some last-minute R&R before the season’s over! 

What you need to know before planning a staycation 

Even though you’re not going far, you should still take some time to plan ahead. First, you need to choose how long you want your “trip” to be. If your schedule allows, you can even take a few days and visit somewhere close by without having to buy plane tickets.  

Another thing to factor into your vacation planning is the weather. If it’s likely to be very hot near you, choose activities that are indoors during the hottest part of the day. Rain can also put a damper on your staycation plans! Have backup plans ready just in case. 

Before you venture out, always check your local and state safety guidelines. Know the masking and social distancing policies ahead of time. You can also call local businesses to confirm operating hours and safety policies. 

Choose your staycation vibe

Use the guide below to plan the perfect staycation! We’ve pulled together different activities and local vacation ideas to help you make the most of your days off. 

Relaxing: Spa day at home

Summer often comes with its own set of stressors. Even if a getaway isn’t in the cards, a relaxing staycation can be just what you need! Here are some activity ideas for planning your R&R close to home. 

Start with setting up your space. Clear out the clutter to start fresh. We also recommend removing your distracting electronics. Put your smartphone, laptop, iPad, and Apple Watches in another room so you’re not even tempted to check email or Instagram. Unplugging is key for true relaxation! 

Book an in-home massage or facial (or both!). With Soothe, you can book on-demand right in the app. Choose the day and time that work for your schedule and needs. We recommend an afternoon or early evening to help massage away the stress of the day. Swedish or deep tissue modalities are great options for your staycation massage, as they promote deeper relaxation.

To make your at-home spa vacation even better, choose a 90 or 120-minute massage to get more personalized treatment. You can also add aromatherapy or CBD enhancements for more staycation bliss! Light a few candles and play relaxing music to further the experience.

Adventurous mini vacation: Go exploring

Getting outside is a great way to reduce stress and stay active. But what if you don’t live close to world-class hiking or kayaking? You can still get a taste of adventure without going off the grid! Check your area for local and state parks. Many parks offer walking trails, fishing, and boating rentals. Study up on local wildlife and plants, and keep an eye out while you walk!

If you’re willing to drive a little bit, your staycation could involve a day hike or a trip to a lake, river, or ocean depending on where you live. Take a minute and see what’s within a few hours of your hometown—you may be surprised what’s right around the corner.

After a day of exploring, don’t forget to book a massage. Long walks and hikes can be tough on your muscles. Getting a massage after strenuous activity can help prevent injury, and decrease your recovery time, too. 

Family staycation: Local museums

So the kids are home for the summer, and are driving you a little crazy? Make it a family staycation! Check what museums, shows, or activities are in town for the season. Even if you’ve been to a museum before, chances are they’ll have something new to see! If you have a few days for your staycation, go museum hopping and see them all! Plus, when it’s hot out, indoor museums are a great way to beat the heat. 

Even if your town doesn’t have museums, you’re not out of luck! Look to your local park district, library, or bookstores to see if they have any special events for the summer. Make sure to choose activities that are age-appropriate for all your kids, and that each person gets to pick something to do or see so they’re involved with the planning process. 

Foodie local vacation: “Around the World” potluck

Is your favorite part of traveling is sampling all the different food? You can recreate the experience right at home. Check out the new restaurants around your area. See what types of cuisine are available, and make note of which dishes you’re dying to try. Then, pick up a dish from each restaurant to create your “around the world” feast! Make sure to choose dishes with ingredients and preparations from different countries to satisfy your wanderlust.

Don’t stop at just food, either. Check your town for local breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Then pair your different food dishes with local libations! This type of staycation plan works best with a larger group. So we recommend getting a few other households together to make planning and picking up all the food a little easier. Host your potluck in a backyard or local park. You can even create stations with decorations that represent each country for added flair. 

90-minute mini vacation: On-demand massage

Only have an hour or two? We get it. Not everybody has time for an entire day off, let alone a full-blown vacation, during the summer! But you still deserve to relax, and Soothe has your back. Book an on-demand massage any time, anywhere with the Soothe app! A professional, licensed massage therapist will bring the spa right to you. Just sit back, relax, and let Soothe give you the moment of bliss you deserve. 

See, you don’t need to go far in order to have an amazing mini-vacation! 

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