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Therabody x Los Angeles Rams

Soothe is proud to share the news that Therabody™, formerly known as Theragun®, is now the LA Ram’s official percussive therapy partner.  Soothe partnered with the LA-based wellness and recovery company in 2020 and now provides percussive therapy as an add-on to Soothe’s in-home and in-office massage services.

In an article posted on the LA Rams website, Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody, says “supporting professional athletes has always been at the core of our DNA, and I have had the opportunity to work with and treat many of them, ensuring they are always primed to perform as well as recovered and ready for the next game.”

Interested in seeing percussive therapy in action? If so, you’re in luck! Training Days, a three-episode video series, will showcase how Rams players are conditioning, recovering, and rehabilitating during Training Camp as they prepare for the 2020 NFL season in their new home at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. Throughout the series, fans and viewers will see how the Rams trainers and strength and conditioning staff utilize and incorporate Theragun devices into the players’ daily practice and gameday routines. The series can be found on and the team’s social media channels.

Theragun’s unique family of percussive massage therapy devices is designed for everyday use, and for a vast range of wellness needs. That’s why they are the perfect complement to Soothe’s on-demand massage, beauty, and wellness services.  

So, what exactly is percussive therapy? 

Percussive therapy is a form of massage that applies rapid bursts of pressure to get deeper into muscle tissue. Compared to a Swedish or deep tissue massage usually performed with the hands, a therapist uses a scientifically-calibrated percussion device, which gives them greater precision and consistency for targeted treatment.

Many athletes use percussive therapy, as it is great for relieving soreness and pain. It works by quickly stimulating blood flow to a specific area, so you can target muscles that you just worked. All quality percussive therapy devices have three different adjustments that change the effect of the massage. Amplitude is how far the massage head moves back and forth. The speed or frequency is how many times per second the device head touches your body. And finally, the power of the pressure, or the torque, will determine how deep or intense the treatment is.

You’re probably familiar with that “good pain” you feel when a therapist works an area that is sore or tight. Percussion therapy is different. The pressure is applied so quickly via the device, that the brain doesn’t register the stimulation the same way. This can make the therapy more effective compared to a vibration device or regular massage strokes. 

Who can get a percussive therapy massage? 

Anyone! You don’t need to be a professional football player to benefit from percussive therapy. As an addition to your complete wellness routine, percussive massage offers pill-free relief. It’s great for neck and shoulder pain, chronic back pain, and can relieve soreness from activities like typing or playing video games. Percussive therapy massage is also great for daily aches and pains. Percussive therapy is also used to help recover from injuries. If you prefer massage for relaxation, percussive therapy also has powerful anxiety and stress-relieving benefits, too.

Ready to try percussive therapy? Book a massage with a Therabody-certified therapist on the Soothe network, and select “Percussive Therapy” as your massage modality.  If you’re interested in purchasing a Therabody product, visit the for more information.