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What Is A Full Body Massage?

In a full body massage, a therapist will massage the entire body during a therapeutic massage. Sessions typically last at least 60 minutes, this gives them enough time to work over all the major areas of the body like the back, shoulders, legs, arms, hands, feet, and neck.

What Is A Full Body Massage?

The definition of full body massage is straightforward; it involves the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain. Traditionally speaking, a full-body massage covers the:

  • Head – usually includes the temples, crown, occipital muscles, scalp, back of head.
  • Neck – includes nape and trapezius, muscles on the side of the neck.
  • Upper and Lower Back – the lower back is where most people experience tightness.
  • Shoulders – on and around the collar bones, top of shoulder blades and into the upper back.
  • Legs – including the buttocks, glutes, thighs and calves
  • Arms – forearm, elbow
  • Hands – palm, fingers
  • Feet – heel, arch of foot

What Should You Expect?

While every full body massage therapy session is going to differ in some ways, the session will usually start with the client disrobing completely with draping or wearing only undergarments and lying face down on a padded table under a sheet. Of course, you’re not required to take off your clothes, just to a level you’re comfortable with. 

Most massage therapists are going to start with the back and shoulders before they move down the body. Once the client has flipped over about mid-way through the session time, the therapist will then work back up the body, usually ending with neck and shoulders and sometimes the scalp. Men may also have the option to receive a pectoral massage.

If there is a certain area that needs additional attention, such as a sore back or tight shoulders, be sure to let the therapist know so they can spend more time focused on these areas. Do keep in mind, that could take away time from other areas of your body. To ensure the full treatment of every body part and focus on specific issues, make an appointment for a longer session time.

What Types Of Massages Should You Consider?

There’s a number of popular massages you’d likely want to consider for your full body massage. One of the most popular would be the Swedish massage, this massage focuses on warming the muscle tissue to release tension and breaking up muscle “knots.” 

Another popular one would be the deep tissue massage – while this does include many of the same movements as a Swedish massage, more pressure is applied to get to the deep tissue and muscles. 

A hot stone massage uses heated rocks placed along the body to relax tight muscles and allow the therapist to release pressure points. There are even treatments like shiatsu, in which a therapist uses his feet and stands atop the client to knead out the stress from the back.

The sports massage is another type you may wish to consider. This type can use massage techniques from the Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. If you’re an athlete, this is a massage that can help with recovery and injury prevention.

Is A Full Body Massage Right For Me?

With so many options out there, you may be wondering, “is a full-body massage exactly what I need?”

Each massage type usually focuses on a few key factors. For example, with the deep tissue massage, this is great for someone that experiences pain in their back, neck, or joints. If you’re an athlete and you’re trying to keep healthy, a sports massage may be able to help you prevent injuries and recover quicker from injuries.

Here at Soothe, we’ve helped so many clients over the years, even to the point where we help them find the right type of massage to book. Soothe vets licensed therapists to join the Soothe network of Providers. We ensure the therapists in our network are professionally licensed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Full Body Massage?

There’s a wide range of health benefits a full body massage therapy session can provide you. 

Overall Wellness And Physical Health

There are a few positive effects on your body that stem from receiving a full body massage. Relaxed, unknotted muscles are one of the most immediate effects you’re going to feel relief from. Loose, relaxed muscles can help give you a wider range of mobility. Taking care of your muscles can also help you improve your posture and overall joint comfort also. 

There is also the issue of circulation to consider. The friction and pressure applied on various parts of your body throughout the massage can help stimulate your circulatory system. This helps the far extremities of your body get the oxygen and nutrients they need. The firm, manual stimulation also helps your muscles and tissues release toxins and stress chemicals that build up from stress and neglect. This toxic build-up can cause damage to your muscles, joints, and soft tissues. 

Mental Health And Wellness Benefits

There is more to massage therapy than merely the physical aspects. There is a mental health and wellness aspect to massage that is often minimized or overlooked completely. Everyone needs some “me time,” don’t let taking time to focus on yourself leave you feeling selfish. 

Your health is important and “stress” can do a lot of damage, so a little R&R can go a long way. Taking some time to unwind and reset can make your life much easier in the present and future. 

Massages allow you to get your mind and body back to a point where you actually feel like you can give one hundred percent to the people around you and the tasks ahead. A couple of hours a week is not a lot to ask of yourself, particularly in comparison to the time and energy you routinely give other people. 

Most Importantly – Enjoy Your Massage!

A massage is physical therapy, meaning that the body is going to be challenged by it. This is especially true for more intense styles such as deep tissue or sports massage.

Many men and women feel a little awkward on the table, especially if this is your first time getting a massage. Massage therapists will be aware if this is your first time getting a massage. Their goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

Remember, every Soothe massage therapist is qualified and licensed; they’re among the best therapists in the world. They want you to enjoy your massage, and we know you want to enjoy your massage too. Spend less time worrying about what your body is doing – just enjoy what it is going through. Enjoy the moment, experience, and massage!

If you have any questions about booking a massage or just questions in general, you can always visit our help center. You can also reach us directly through this link.