In-Home Hydrating Facials

Dry skin no more! Whether your skin is dry year-round or only during certain seasons, booking a mobile hydrating facial ensures your skin stays hydrated and healthy. Soothe offers hydrating facials near you so you can enjoy the spa experience at home, in the office, or on the go.

Hydrating Facials

Dry, irritated skin deserves special care. Using a combination of hydrating products and exfoliating techniques, hydrating facials provide everything your skin needs to become brighter and more balanced.

Rejuvenate your skin by indulging in an elevated, luxurious at-home hydrating facial service. Thanks to professional-grade skin care products and talented estheticians, your skin will be left more refreshed and healthier than ever.

Our Customers Love Hydrating Facials with Soothe

Customers who book mobile hydrating facials with Soothe benefit from a variety of high-quality spa treatments and top-notch professionals ready to travel to wherever they may be. We vet and background-check each Soothe esthetician to ensure you receive the best hydrating facials. Read on to see why people love Soothe at-home facials.

Book At-Home Hydrating Facials Near You

Soothe provides a convenient experience from start to finish. Our-easy-to-use online platform and app allow you to book your mobile prenatal massage in just a few clicks. Simply choose a time and location, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Treat Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule your hydrating facial
Schedule an appointment at any time using the Soothe app or website. Appointments are available daily from 8am-10pm.
2. Your Pro Arrives
A vetted, certified esthetician arrives at your location of choice with all equipment needed for your mobile hydrating facial.
3. Relax and enjoy
Take a deep breath and enjoy the soothing benefits of a high-quality facial in a comfortable, familiar setting.
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Deep Tissue Massage Pricing In Your Area

In-home deep tissue massages near you begin at $80. However, the price you pay will depend on your location and service customizations. Sign up today to search for deep tissue massage therapists in your area. Begin the booking process today to learn about pricing near you. 

Provide dynamic pricing if possible, wherein customers can search their zip code. If not, put at least general estimates of what users can expect to pay.

Other In-Home Facial Services Near You

Explore the entire range of at-home facials including age-defying, anti-stress, acne, and even men’s facials.
Turn back the clock with an age-defying facial. Thanks to exfoliating peels and gentle massage techniques, your skin will feel healthier and more youthful.
Anyone can get a facial, including men! Men’s facials have an array of soothing benefits, including easing shaving irritation and preventing ingrown hairs.
During anti-stress facials, your certified esthetician will perform facial massage and aromatherapy while applying soothing products to help you totally relax.
Chair massages allow you to stay in a seated position whenever and wherever you are. This convenient and accessible massage therapy provides a rejuvenating session without the need to disrobe or lie down.
Tired of breakouts and oily skin? A mobile acne facial provides cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration to combat acne and clean out clogged pores.

At-Home Hydrating Facials: Frequently Asked Questions

A hydrating facial works to combat dry skin by restoring and locking in moisture by effectively protecting the skin barrier. A typical hydrating facial includes gentle exfoliation, facial massage, and hydrating serums to reduce dryness and irritation.

Individuals with oily, acne-prone skin can benefit from both hydrating and acne facials. Acne facials are designed to minimize redness and reduce breakouts while hydrating facials focus on improving skin texture and tone.

Hydrating facials can lead to bright, more supple, and balanced skin. Featuring ingredients and techniques to help protect skin, hydrating facials effectively aid in skin absorbing other skincare products like serums.
Your trained esthetician will bring everything needed for a spa-quality facial at home. All you need to do is book your appointment and then prepare by washing your face and skipping your makeup routine. Avoid facial waxing, laser treatments, and exfoliation prior and after your appointment to protect your skin. You can communicate with your provider prior to your appointment if you have any specific questions or requests.
While hydrating facials target dry skin, age-defying facials are used to combat signs of skin aging, including dry skin, age spots, and broken capillaries. Both types of mobile facials promote overall wellness and have a soothing and refreshing effect.

Anti-stress facials include soothing techniques to relax your skin and improve overall skin texture. Hydrating facials are also relaxing and include targeted products and techniques to refresh and moisturize dry skin.

Licensed estheticians from Soothe can perform a hydrating facial nearly everywhere. Book a hydrating facial at your home, in the office, or in a hotel to take the spa with you wherever you go. Simply schedule an appointment and wait for your provider to show up with everything needed for a soothing facial.
Soothe was founded to create a mobile spa experience by connecting clients with top wellness providers and estheticians who meet their personalized needs. Use the convenient Soothe app to search for a hydrating facial esthetician in your area by searching via zip code or address.

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Soothe offers an extensive network of licensed estheticians and beauticians. If you’re looking to reach new local clients and want to benefit from flexible booking, then become a Soothe provider. The Soothe app offers intuitive features to help you set your availability, track your earnings, and connect with clients.

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