In-Home Chair Massage

Booking a mobile chair massage near you provides all the comfort and relaxation of self-care whether you’re running short on time or don’t have space for a full massage table. An in-home chair massage is designed for ultimate convenience.

Chair Massage

A mobile chair massage can be performed almost anywhere, from the office to a conference center to a private event or at home.

Experience the same benefits of a table massage with a focus on the upper body. Skilled chair massage therapists are trained to release tension and increase circulation and flexibility. For those always on the go, a mobile chair massage provides soothing benefits for the ultimate mood boost during your busy week.

Our Customers Love Chair Massage with Soothe

With hundreds of qualified chair massage therapists near you, you can trust in Soothe’s expertise and commitment to providing the highest quality home massage care. We work with certified massage therapists who are trained to provide a professional and relaxing experience. Learn more about why your neighbors choose Soothe for booking chair massages at home.

Book At-Home Chair Massage Near You

Booking a mobile chair massage in your area is easier than ever. Simply create an account on the Soothe app or website and choose the time and location for your chair massage. After checking out, Soothe takes care of the rest so you can sit back and relax when your trained masseuse shows up on your doorstep.

Treat Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule It
Schedule your service on the web or in our app 24/7. Appointments available 8am-10pm daily​.
2. Your Pro Arrives
A vetted, background-checked professional arrives at your door with everything needed for your service.
3. Relax
Sit back and enjoy your treatment within the comfort and safety of your own surroundings.
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Deep Tissue Massage Pricing In Your Area

In-home deep tissue massages near you begin at $80. However, the price you pay will depend on your location and service customizations. Sign up today to search for deep tissue massage therapists in your area. Begin the booking process today to learn about pricing near you. 

Provide dynamic pricing if possible, wherein customers can search their zip code. If not, put at least general estimates of what users can expect to pay.

Other In-Home Massage Services Near You

With hundreds of skilled massage therapists on hand, choose a massage tailored to your specific needs. From intensive deep tissue massages to athletic sport massages, Soothe offers a wide range of in-home massages to keep your body relaxed and ready for your next adventure.
A perfect combination of gentle strokes, circles, and kneading movements reduces tension during a Swedish massage.
Go deeper to eliminate knots and muscle tension for the ultimate pain relief with a deep tissue massage.
A percussive massage uses a special technique of fast-paced tapping motions to target specific areas of the body.

Athletes with sports injuries or pain can benefit from a sports massage that focuses on stretching and muscle recovery.

Expecting mothers can book a prenatal massage in the second or third trimester to reduce pregnancy discomfort and promote relaxation.

Bond over the benefits of massage therapy with your partner or loved one with a couples massage.

Chair massages allow you to stay in a seated position whenever and wherever you are. This convenient and accessible massage therapy provides a rejuvenating session without the need to disrobe or lie down.

Mobile Chair Massages:
Frequently Asked Questions

A chair massage is a great option for those who suffer from neck or back pain. Rather than using a traditional massage chair, the massage is performed on a special chair while you’re sitting upright. A mobile chair massage takes weight off your spine to provide instant relief from pain and tightness.
Chair massage and deep tissue massage both aim to reduce muscle tension. A deep tissue massage is typically a more intense experience. Performed on a massage table, a deep tissue massage is perfect for individuals who suffer from chronic tension and knots that need more attention. A chair massage is often less involved, being performed on a chair with your clothes on. Chair massages are aimed to provide instant relief, especially for the neck and shoulders.

Mobile chair massage is the ultimate flexible spa experience. A chair massage can be performed anywhere, seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule. Benefit from releasing tension to enhance sleep and boost your mood.

All you need to do to get ready for your chair massage is be home when your therapist arrives. Soothe professional therapists come prepared with all necessary equipment, including a special massage chair to make your experience as seamless as possible. Click here for more information on how to prepare for your Soothe appointment.

This type of massage is typically performed with clothes on so you can keep on your work clothes, casual attire, or whatever is most comfortable for you. Oils and creams are optional, so you can adjust your attire based on your wishes.
Swedish massage focuses on gentle, methodical relaxation techniques. Featuring gentle kneading and circular movements, a Swedish massage improves relaxation and promotes calmness. A chair massage is typically quicker and more flexible with a focus on primarily the upper body.
A chair massage uses simple techniques and a special chair to provide tension relief and relaxation to the upper body. A percussive massage, however, uses special techniques and an electric massage gun (Theragun, for example) to administer repeated bursts of pressure on targeted muscle groups.

A mobile chair massage can be performed virtually anywhere. To book a chair massage in the comfort of your own home, simply make an appointment through the Soothe app and wait for a certified massage therapist to come to you.

Using the Soothe app or website, you can plug in your zip code to find a chair massage therapist near you. Browse through the different massage types available, and make an appointment for the time, date, and length of your choice.

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Soothe offers a wide range of spa services alongside at-home massages to complete your self-care treatments.
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