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6 Top Wellness Trends in 2021

2020 is finally almost over. As we gear up for 2021, the top wellness trends are giving us hope. The top 2021 wellness trends are all about feeling healthier and happier, and how to make it happen. To help you make better New Year’s resolutions, we tapped the experts to see what health trends are buzz-worthy in 2021. From food, to mental health, to movement, here’s which 2021 wellness trends we’re most excited about. 

1. Goodbye dieting, hello mindful eating

2021 is kicking diet culture to the curb. Forget the age-old “eat this, not that” mentality. Mindful eating teaches you to recognize your body’s own needs and cues. Also referred to as intuitive eating, this lifestyle is all about your own personal habits and feelings. There’s no meal plan or complicated schedule here. Mindful eating focuses on what works best for you and which foods make you feel good. 

Why is this a wellness trend for 2021? This movement makes mealtime a positive, healthy experience. And it takes the shame out of eating and snacking. It’s about time!

2. The home gym makeover

It’s hard to social distance in a packed spin room. In 2021, many people are turning their extra space into home gyms. Need proof? Fitness equipment maker Peloton reported record sales of their stationary bikes and treadmills at the end of 2020. Whether it’s a small apartment, or a spare bedroom, 2021 will be the year of working out at home. One of the biggest motivations for working out in 2021? A setup that’s insta-worthy. Colorful dumbbells, patterned mats, and well-designed workout gear are trending big into the new year.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an empty basement or big backyard to fill with brand-new gym equipment. Luckily for us, technology makes it a little easier to get a good workout with minimal equipment. There are plenty of apps and videos online with at-home workout routines that are just as sweaty as the ones you used to get at the gym.

3. Prioritizing rest and recovery

Speaking of workouts, making time for recovery will be a 2021 wellness trend to watch for. Rest days are important for any workout routine. But it’s also important to take a mental step back too. Doing less is a great way to give yourself a break—mentally and physically. In the new year, you’ll see more people focusing on rest and recovery as part of their wellness routine. Recovery can take many different forms:

  • Active recovery: This is a form of movement that’s more mindful and restorative. Like a slow walk, gentle yoga flow, or foam rolling. Active recovery helps prevent sore muscles, kind of like a cool down.
  • Regular massage: There are so many benefits to regular massage, it’s no wonder it made the wellness trends list. Besides feeling good, massage can help reduce stress, aid in faster recovery, and improve flexibility. 
  • Getting more sleep: Sleep is one of the foundations of overall wellness. Without a decent night’s rest, you can’t perform at your best. Tools that help normalize circadian rhythms are trending now. You can also invest in better mattresses and bed sheets. Or, make more time for sleep—all are 2021 wellness trends on our list.

4. Balance, balance, balance

Staying at home had many people in 2020 taking a step back to look at where they can find better balance. Feeling rushed, anxious, and overworked are all signs of imbalance. Evaluating how you spend your days and what’s important to you can help you refocus. As one of the 2021 wellness trends, balance looks like: 

  • Disconnecting from technology
  • Spending more time outside
  • Spending more time doing things you actually enjoy 

Achieving work-life balance is another sought-after 2021 wellness goal. Working remotely and flexible work culture will continue into 2021, and might even be here to stay. It can be hard to disconnect when your office is also your living room. So it’s important for employees to find a healthy balance of work time and personal time. Try setting up a dedicated office space in your home, and scheduling breaks on your calendar. There are plenty of ways to be more productive while working from home

5. Lymphatic health trends in 2021

Your lymphatic system is a powerful tool in getting rid of the bad stuff: waste, bacteria and viruses. In 2021, don’t be surprised to see more people looking for ways to boost their lymph systems. Massage is one of the top ways to encourage lymphatic health. A lymphatic massage can help increase the flow of lymph fluid and reduce inflammation in the body. In 2021, lymphatic health trends will include dry brushing, foam rolling, and dynamic stretching. 

6. Virtual and on-demand wellness

The pandemic has made everyone a little bit weary of crowded spaces, and with good reason. New technology is doing more than just helping people stay connected from a distance, too. More businesses are going virtual. In 2021, expect to see more people making virtual doctor and teletherapy sessions. 

Another 2021 wellness trend: using on-demand services at home. Instead of going to a crowded salon or spa, people can book wellness services to come to them. Massages, haircuts, and facials, all in the privacy and safety of your own home!