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Meet the Soothe At Work Team

We are excited to start introducing you to our different teams within Soothe. This month, we are spotlighting the Soothe at Work team, who have been working on some exciting new partnerships and the emergence of a new business model for staffing. The team understands how important it is to ensure Providers have more consistent shifts, higher earning potential with guaranteed tips, and flexibility to create their own schedules. If you are interested in participating in corporate events, please reach out to SAW at

Draper Donley/Director of Corporate Wellness

Home Base: Orange County, CA

Fun Fact: Cycled across the US from Maryland to San Francisco. 

Tyler Sperling/Account Executive-Sales

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact: In his free time he enjoys hosting BBQs and watch parties, and even manages an Instagram account specifically for their latest cooking creations. Follow along at @raising_thesteaks

Rachel Kraushaar/Event Coordinator

Home Base: Marina Del Rey, CA

Fun Fact: Loves her 3-year old Frenchie and paddle boarding with her fiance. Rachel is pursuing her Master’s and is Jr. Chair of Team Prime Time, a non-profit organization that mentors students and provides a variety of after-school programs. 

Nick Flores/Lead Specialty Client Representative

Home Base: Las Vegas, NV

Fun Fact: Though he claims not to play well, he loves the electric guitar.

Halese Brown/Specialty Client Representative

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact: Loves chilling at home while cooking and watching Western movies!

Courtney Kraushaar/Account Manager

Home Base: Newport Beach, CA

Fun Fact: Courtney has been to over 500 concerts. Wow, that’s a lot!