In-Home Percussive Massage

Not only does a mobile percussive massage provide relaxation, improved sleep, and a better mood, it also effectively treats pain and soreness. By targeting specific areas or muscles, an in-home percussive massage can treat acute pain and promote overall wellness.

Percussive Massage

Percussive massage is designed to prevent tightness, accelerate muscle recovery, and improve range of motion. Using a percussive therapy massage gun, your trained therapist will penetrate into your soft tissues to stimulate muscles with repetitive pulsing movements.

Not only can percussive massages decrease pain and soreness, but they also may help relieve depression, poor posture, and old injuries. Book a percussive massage near you to experience the numerous benefits of targeted massage therapy.

Our Customers Love Percussive Massage with Soothe

As one of the top at-home and mobile massage providers, we at Soothe take pride in connecting clients with top wellness and personal care providers. We hold massage therapists and wellness providers to the highest standards to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience for everyone. Learn more why people choose Soothe for all their at-home spa needs

Book At-Home Percussive Massage Near You

With Soothe, booking an in-home percussive massage takes just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is create an account on the Soothe app or website and then explore the different wellness offerings. Schedule a percussive massage near you at the time and location of your choice. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, your trained massage therapist will come to your door fully equipped to deliver a professional and relaxing percussive massage.

Treat Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule It
Schedule your service on the web or in our app 24/7. Appointments available 8am-10pm daily​.
2. Your Pro Arrives
A vetted, background-checked professional arrives at your door with everything needed for your service.
3. Relax
Sit back and enjoy your treatment within the comfort and safety of your own surroundings.
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Deep Tissue Massage Pricing In Your Area

In-home deep tissue massages near you begin at $80. However, the price you pay will depend on your location and service customizations. Sign up today to search for deep tissue massage therapists in your area. Begin the booking process today to learn about pricing near you. 

Provide dynamic pricing if possible, wherein customers can search their zip code. If not, put at least general estimates of what users can expect to pay.

Other In-Home Massage Services Near You

Soothe massage therapists are trained in a wide array of techniques, meaning you can find the perfect massage to meet your individual preferences. Our comprehensive mobile massage services include couples massage, chair massage, deep tissue massage, and more.

Swedish massage includes gentle movements such as long gliding strokes, circular pressure, kneading, stretching, and tapping to effectively reduce tension.

During a deep tissue massage, trained professionals apply sustained pressure that targets the inner layers of your connective tissues and muscles.

A sports massage is tailored specifically to athletes who need muscle pain relief and injury prevention.

Great for both mom and baby, prenatal massages are designed to relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Available for those in their second or third trimester.

Connect with your partner physically, emotionally, and mentally by choosing a romantic and relaxing couples massage.

Chair massages allow you to stay in a seated position whenever and wherever you are. This convenient and accessible massage therapy provides a rejuvenating session without the need to disrobe or lie down.
Chair massages allow you to stay in a seated position whenever and wherever you are. This convenient and accessible massage therapy provides a rejuvenating session without the need to disrobe or lie down.

At-Home Percussive Massage:
Frequently Asked Questions

Utilizing special techniques and tools, a percussive massage uses repeated bursts of pressure to massage muscles. This type of physical therapy involves an electric massage gun, such as Theragun, to relieve tension in target muscles.

Both percussive and Swedish massages aim to release tension and relax the body. A Swedish massage uses gentle and soothing movements while a percussive massage uses special techniques and electric massage guns to administer repetitive pulses.

Percussive massages are an effective method for increasing blood flow, decreasing pain and soreness, improving deep tissue recovery, and increasing flexibility among other benefits.

Check out our post on preparing for your massage ahead of your appointment. Your Soothe therapist will arrive with all necessary equipment, including a massage table, fresh linens, oil or lotion, and even relaxing music. In case you have any questions, you can reach out directly to your provider within the app prior to your appointment.

Your at-home percussive massage will be tailored to your needs and preferences. You may undress completely, or partially but ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Towels or linens will be provided by your masseuse to ensure your privacy.

Sports massages and percussive massages can both be used pre- and post-workout. Percussive massage uses percussive therapy to work deep into muscles through targeted movements, while sports massage focuses on stretching and massaging specific areas to prevent future injuries and treat sore muscles.
Deep tissue and percussive massages use different techniques to release tension and deliver pain relief. A deep tissue massage focuses on penetrating the deepest layers of tissue and muscles while percussive massage utilizes pulsating therapy guns to target specific areas.
Soothe makes it possible to receive a professional percussive massage anywhere. Schedule a percussive massage in your home, at the office, or even in a hotel. Use the Soothe app or website to conveniently schedule your appointment and then relax when your certified therapist arrives.
Soothe professionals are available across the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Ireland. Just put in your zip code or address to find a percussive massage therapist near you.

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